Swimmer's Ear LP Sky Valley

Almost 25 years out of print, this is the criminally unheard EP featuring members of TURNING POINT. After the demise of Turning Point in 1992, Skip and Jay started the short-lived Godspeed. Listening to later-Turning Point, the music they played in Godspeed was the logical next step. The "Swimmer's Ear" ep, released on Temperance Records in 1993, was more in the vein of the early '90s "emo" scene, and much more indie rock (for lack of a better term) oriented than the hardcore they played years prior.Skip always had the best translation of emotion from voice to wax and this record showcases that at it's finest. At times it's similar to what bands like American Standard were doing early on, and at other times it has a kind of Native Nod or Greyhouse vibe. Whatever the case, it's a great EP.This is the repress on 180g colored vinyl, housed in original Temperance Records sleeves.If you don't own this, get it now!
LP, 21.00€