Urban Styles: Graffiti in New York Hardcore is the first book from author/historian Freddy Alva. Urban Styles is a chronicle of the intersection of graffiti art and the NYHC scene of the 80s and 90s. Over 370 pages with many full-color photos and 40 interviews with legendary writers and artists like Mackie Jayson, REVS, MQ, Lukie Luke, LORD EZEC, STAK TFP, Chaka Malik, SANE SMITH and many more.

Urban Styles: Graffiti is a subterranean adventure back to a time when subcultures and underground movements blended seamlessly and went largely unnoticed by the mainstream world. Urban Styles deftly straddles the seemingly in congruent worlds of graffiti culture and the hardcore punk scene of the 1980s to tell the story of a unique moment in time when crossover between the two outlaw cultures was a common, if not heralded, occurrence. Urban Styles chronicles a gritty New York City and its boroughs while telling the stories of forgotten revolutionaries who were as familiar with stealth runs through train yards as they were slamming on the CBGB dance floor. Through an array of iconic images and first-hand accounts; interviews and essays, Alva compiles a history of youth culture that reinforces the connection between these two subcultures and shows the symbiotic influences shared by both hip-hop and hardcore. This tale is told through the eyes and memories of band members that were adept at wielding spray cans and the writers that represented New York Hardcore on the streets. Urban Styles features the voices of those who shaped both a sound and a movement and the visual iconography of a vibrant outburst of color amidst a greying, urban decay. A number of illuminating stories and examinations of culture are told by NYHC veterans like Chaka Malik, Mackie Jayson, Lord Ezec, Sacha Jenkins, and a host of others who populated the NYHC scene of the 1980s and 90s. Crews and members are represented as well, along with the first writers who played in bands. There is a plethora of exclusive images, most never seen before, and some done specifically for the book. It is a history culled from record and demo tape covers, flyers, t-shirts, and paintings that celebrates the union of these two uniquely New York street cultures and shines a spotlight on two artistic movements that have gone on to have world-wide influence on today s mainstream culture.
Book, 50.00€


s/t LP Deathwish

Connecticut has always been a breeding ground for heavy and menacing music. After five years of progression, 100 Demons rose to the forefront of that influential Connecticut hardcore community. Sicker, meaner and outright harder than any of their contemporaries, 100 Demons truly is as heavy as they come. Now available on colored vinyl.
LP, 17.00€


Threefold Misery LP Six Feet Under

Originally released in 1996, "Threefold Misery" was the final full-length from 108 prior to their breakup and eventual reformation. Released on Germany's Lost And Found Records, it was previously only available on vinyl as a picture disc 12". With the 20th anniversary of the release of the album this year, along with a string of shows on the East and West Coast (their first since 2009), Six Feet Under Records is finally giving the album the treatment it deserves and releasing it on vinyl. This deluxe reissue features all new art and layout by Palehorse along with two bonus songs previously unavailable on vinyl from 1996's "Curse Of Instinct" EP. On colored vinyl.
LP, 19.00€


State College Hardcore 1984 7-Inch Vicious Circle

Obscure US hardcore from State College, PA, recorded in 1984. Two members later moved to Richmond, VA. to form Unseen Force, who shared a member with White Cross. Similar to the bands above, 2000 MANIACS have a snotty and pissed punk sound, that is definitely old school. At a time where punk still meant being an outcast, most lyrics deal with the alienation from mainstream society. 12 songs in ten minutes and limited to 600 copies on red vinyl.
7-Inch, 4.00€


Demo 2014 CS THRD

Wilkes-Barre, PA's 3D debut demo combines NYHC groove with contemporary knowledge to create a classic yet refined sound. Featuring members of United Youth, Title Fight and Life Of Reilly. Step into the third dimension.
CS, 5.00€


s/t 7" Patient Zero

Over thirty years ago, Four Walls Falling from Virginia released their self-titled EP forever embedding the straight-edge philosophy into the hearts and minds of the youth across the country. Now the band has teamed up with Patient Zero Records to finally re-press this hardcore classic with all new artwork and layout. 7" includes digital download and is limited to 350 copies. On colored vinyl.
7", 12.00€


Culture Shock LP Day After

Four Walls Falling was a Virginia based hardcore punk band from the late 80's into the 90's. This record is a definite must have if you're a fan of great, late 80's oldschool type of hardcore. It's politically charged, fast, and full of great and well constructed riffs and rhythm. This is probably one of my favorite records of all time and I feel this band is greatly underrated. Culture... SHOCK! Enjoy.
LP, 8.00€


Where Life Expires LP Six Feet Under

50 Lions have become one of Australia's most heralded exports, with a crushing debut full-length and EP on the local Aussie label Resist Records, plus a stateside split EP with Down To Nothing on 6131 Records, and now continue to dominate with their first effort for Six Feet Under Records, 11 tracks of heavy and fast hardcore with gruff vocals teeming with mosh parts, akin to Blacklisted, Madball and Down To Nothing. Colored vinyl in stock.
LP, 10.50€


Pray For Nothing 7" Six Feet Under

Now a staple in Australian and International hardcore, 50 Lions first bared their claws in 2005 at the height of the metalcore craze in their native Byron Bay. Focussing on producing a more traditional hardcore sound, they soon released a 7” and in 2007 their debut album, Time Is The Enemy followed by a split with Down To Nothing,a self titled 7" and their 2nd album Where Life Expires. Pray For Nothing is the bands return from a brief hiatus and has 3 ragers on it. They havent showed any signs of slowing down in their old age either, picking right up where the last album left off.
7", 5.00€


Former Glory 7" Six Feet Under

Australia's prolific 50 Lions strikes again with two more songs of heavy, modern hardcore with a bit of a NYHC feel, bringing to mind bands like Madball, Down To Nothing, Backtrack and Terror. On colored vinyl.
7", 7.00€


CD 6131

On their first trip south of the equator, Down To Nothing met up with Byron Bay's 50 Lions. By the end of this tour, Richmond's road dogs and Australia's favorite sons found their way into each other's top 8. In between their intense touring schedules, both bands found the time to write three of their best songs to date and document the aftermath. Side A features Down To Nothing conquering the world with their unique brand of metal tinged hardcore, whose intensity is matched by none. Coming through on Side B is 50 Lions, who are quickly making a name for themselves with their signature mid paced NYHC sound, all while upping the ante by adding blazing riffs and even harsher vocals. By now, anyone who knows anything knows who DTN is, but here's your chance to get your seat in the front of the 50 Lions bandwagon. On colored vinyl.
CD, 4.50€


Better Off Dead 7-Inch Teamwork

I couldn't believe the ad for this when I saw it in a zine way back in 1996. Twelve tracks on a 7inch record? I had to order this right away. When I got the EP, I wasn't disappointed.... Fast and brutal hardcore somewhere between fast old school stuff aka Deep Wound or Siege and newer bands like Drop Dead. Pissed as hell vocals and short and fast as hell songs, this rules HARD. Even today, I like it more than anything else by 97A. Get this if you don't have it yet, because this might be your last chance.
7-Inch, 4.50€


Better Off Dead 7-Inch Teamwork

Fast and brutal hardcore somewhere between fast old school stuff aka Deep Wound or Siege and newer bands like Drop Dead. Pissed as hell vocals and short and fast as hell songs, this rules HARD. First press. 2nd hand
7-Inch, 5.00€


Totally Wrecked 7-Inch Rising Riot

Debut release of this Berlin-based trash outfit. These guys made a name for themselves through their manic live shows and managed to put 7 raging trashcore anthems on this EP. Influenced by various 80's hardcore bands (SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, BLACK FLAG), they've found their own sound somewhere in between. This EP hits you like a force of nature and leaves you... braindead.
7-Inch, 3.00€


Truth Gives Wings To Strength LP Organized Crime

A Chorus Of Disapproval formed out of frustration to the hectic and undisciplined punk scene. Taking cues from the more extreme East Coast hardcore bands mixed with their own groove and style, the Chorus would arguably be the blueprint for the burgeoning, West Coast, militant straight-edge scene. Originally released 30 years ago on the formative Nemesis Records, "Truth Gives Wings To Strength" became an instant classic that has gone on to influence countless bands. LP includes download card. On colored vinyl.
LP, 19.00€


The Fourth Plague 7-Inch Deathwish

A LIFE ONCE LOST race forth infesting us with metallic riffing, throat searing vocals, and the most brutal hardcore breakdowns in recent memory. Frenetic, yet precise, this is the sound that many strive for. Successfuly merging the best aspects of metal and hardcore into a new unstoppable plague. Colored vinyl available.
7-Inch, 5.00€


7-Inch War Machine

A split release between these two East Coast powerhouses. The Survivors play old school hardcore with an emphasis on being drug free and espousing a DIY ethic. Hailing from the Jersey shore and featuring members of Tear It Up and Let It Burn, A New Enemy play fast-paced, melodic hardcore. I've heard songs from their upcoming LP, so this is just a hint of things to come.
7-Inch, 4.50€


Bliss 12" Triple Crown

A Will Away is a new band on the scene with a sound that draws influences from elements of melodic pop and the nostalgically heartfelt, early-2000s emo movement, though this Connecticut-based group has a sound that is completely their own. Their debut EP, "Bliss,' was produced by Gary Cioffi (Four Year Strong, Transit). 12" EP includes digital download and a silkscreened B-side. On colored vinyl.
12", 13.00€


Negative Space 7" Painkiller

Released in conjunction with the A-Team's most recent reunion show in December of 2018, this 7" collects the last two tracks the band ever recorded during their original run, which were released on the CD-only "Boston Scene Report" compilation TKO Records, plus their track from Stab And Kill Records' "Stab To Kill" compilation. Rough and tumbling Massachusetts hardcore with a rocking edge. Limited to 200 copies on clear vinyl with screen printed sleeves.
7", 8.50€


Yövuoro 7-Inch Combat Rock

Abduktio's Combat Rock debut is nothing short of jaw-dropping! A huge leap forward from their already impressive previous efforts. Expect to hear their Refused-esque new school hardcore find a lot of new and interesting dimensions.
7-Inch, 3.50€


Keine Kompromisse mehr 7" Twisted Chords

After being sold-out in 2011 this 1st 7" got re-released by the fine folks of Twisted Chords. ABFUKK are from Wegberg, Germany which members of SNIFFING GLUE and THE ITALIAN STALLION. "keine kompromisse mehr" deliver 4 songs of german hardcore-punk with nihilistic and angry lyrics in the vein of HAMMERHEAD.
7", 5.00€