CD 6131

On their first trip south of the equator, Down To Nothing met up with Byron Bay's 50 Lions. By the end of this tour, Richmond's road dogs and Australia's favorite sons found their way into each other's top 8. In between their intense touring schedules, both bands found the time to write three of their best songs to date and document the aftermath. Side A features Down To Nothing conquering the world with their unique brand of metal tinged hardcore, whose intensity is matched by none. Coming through on Side B is 50 Lions, who are quickly making a name for themselves with their signature mid paced NYHC sound, all while upping the ante by adding blazing riffs and even harsher vocals. By now, anyone who knows anything knows who DTN is, but here's your chance to get your seat in the front of the 50 Lions bandwagon. On colored vinyl.
CD, 4.50€


Never Forget CD Courage To Care

Straight out of the UK comes Affirmation, playing straight edge-styled hardcore in the vein of recent favorites Carry On and Count Me Out. Intelligent, melodic hardcore from Birmingham reminiscent of Turning Point (there's a cover of 'Broken' on here as well). This CD includes the new EP and their demo, 11 songs total.
CD, 8.00€


DVD Rhino

'The History Of American Punk Rock 1980-1986' Inspired by Steven Blush's book of the same name, 'American Hardcore' features never-before-seen live footage from Black Flag, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, MDC, SSD, DOA, DRI, The Adolescents, 7 Seconds and many more, plus exclusive interviews with punk icons like Henry Rollins, Ian MacKaye, Keith Morris and H.R. Special features on the DVD include an audio commentary with the filmmakers, deleted scenes, bonus musical performances, and a photo gallery. I'm gonna special order these, but I need your preorder now.
DVD, 25.00€


The God Complex CD Panic

Always pushing forward and reinventing themselves, Another Breath is back to turn heads with their newest release, 'The God Complex.' The record is an explosive 11-song monster that has surpassed everything that Another Breath has done in the past. Recorded at God City Studios in MA (Converge, Doomriders, Blacklisted) by Kurt Ballou (Converge), Another Breath have combined their hardcore roots with an aggressive rock 'n' roll touch to produce a milestone of a record.
CD, 10.00€


The Note CD Equal Vision

To say that Bane has been a driving force in the hardcore scene for the last decade would be an understatement. The band is synonymous with classic, sincere hardcore and passionate live performances followers still talk about to this day. Enter Bane's first studio album in three years - 'The Note'. An unabashedly unapologetic 10 song wake up call to everyone who has somehow lost their way and become disillusioned with the state of today's underground music scene. Introspective and critical lyrics instead of the ever-popular slogans and their likewise mature musical style rewards multiple listens.
CD, 11.00€


Foreign Object CD Reaper

With Black SS, what you see is what you get. No bullshit, no posing, just pure hardcore. Black SS is a band whose only goal is to remind the world that hardcore is supposed to be the rawest, most honest form of punk. This band is an outlet for 4 pissed off people who have never, and will never, let go of the anger towards society that defined their youth. A middle finger to the mainstream that continues to infiltrate our scene and a punch in the face to all the empty - fashionable hardcore. Black SS say what they mean and mean what they say. And if you dont like it, tough shit. For fans of: Slapshot, Negative FX, Kill Your Idols & Negative Approach. I love it.
CD, 12.00€


Bad To Worse CD State Of Mind

Four songs from this Long Island based group featuring ex-members of Inside and Silent Majority. This ep has a crazy layout with hand screened bags, four different colors of vinyl, an 11x17 inch poster, and bonus CD. Musically, they kind of remind me of the underrated Silent Majority.
CD, 4.50€


The Search: 1985-1989 CD Revelation

The Search: 1985-1989 fittingly illustrates the journey of BOLD from the raw energy and passion of the Crippled Youth EP, to the milestone straight edge hardcore album Speak Out, and finally to their vastly progressed swan song, Looking Back. This complete discography allows for some insight into the development of BOLD as a band and as people - the lyrics and music move together, a synchronicity that marks the growth of the band. Drawing influences from the bands that came before them like MINOR THREAT, SSD, and DYS, BOLD burst out on the scene with something to prove, and more importantly, something to say. Having the Crippled Youth ep on CD is really cool.
CD, 12.00€


Out Of Service MCD Martyr

This final EP is without a doubt Breaker Breaker's finest material, a step above their well received demo ep on Bridge 9 Records. Breaker Breaker was straight edge, but avoided being pigeon holed. Their mix of angry hardcore, and fast energetic punk rock set them apart from the pack. This record will give them the recognition they deserve. Too bad they're no longer around, I would've liked to see more vinyl (lyrics wouldn't have hurt either).
MCD, 7.00€


Tragedy MCD Assault

The follow-up to their debut LP 'Black Friday' brings us five new tracks of hardcore fury from this Michigan powerhouse. They've added a little more variety, without losing their trademark sound that should appeal to fans of modern hardcore. Powerful and in your face, they've got plenty of sing-alongs and enough melodies to make this a worthy successor to 'Black Friday'. This is a split release with Saw Her Ghost Records from the US.Colored vinyl, limited to 250 copies.
MCD, 4.00€


Black Friday LP/CD Assault/ SHG

Eleven tracks of amazingly powerful old school hardcore with a new school flare. Positive lyrics compliment traditional breakdowns with intense, melodic, and catchy riffs. This is their incredibly accomplished debut release and is strongly recommended for fans of modern hardcore like MLIW or DEAD HEARTS. Hailing from Michigan and featuring ex-members of Comeback Kid, BROTHERS come at you with nothing less than the perfect mix of brutality, energy, and melody. Passionate, moving and full of energy, 'Black Friday' demands your attention and leaves you breathless. Yes, it's that good. On colored vinyl.
LP/CD, 10.00€


Homefront CD Revelation

 Long Island's Capital take a fresh approach to melodic hardcore/punk. Their sound is a mix of many familiar elements blending the melodic style of Dag Nasty, the punk aspect of Bad Religion, and post hardcore tendencies of Quicksand. Stemming from quintessential Long Island hardcore bands Silent Majority and The Reformation, Capital is defined as much by their experiences as their musical influences.
CD, 6.00€


The Few The Proud The Crucial CD Indianola

Featuring past and present members of Evergreen Terrace, Casey Jones takes everyone back to when straight edge hardcore was fast and fun with their own new school approach to the style. Recommended for fans of Minor Threat, Stretch Armstrong, Good Riddance, and Terror. Casey Jones are hard at work fusing metallic new school hardcore with fast and furious old school parts. Powerful and tight, with an abundance of great chorus parts. Includes a bonus Indianola sampler CD.
CD, 10.00€


Solid Words demo CD Cycle

THE CHALLENGE deliver some sweet mid 90's influenced hardcore. Original? Not really. But this is done with passion and integrity and some very nice chorus parts that I can't help but love it. A promising debut.
CD, 3.00€


Different Directions CD+DVD Bridge Nine

This DVD is a six-camera angle, professionally edited documentary of the last time Champion hit the stage. The sold out El Corazon in Seattle boasted almost 1,000 people in attendance for their final show. Complete with interviews with kids at the show, the band members, past members, footage from their earliest days and the entire show start to finish, this is a comprehensive look at a band that defined positive, energetic hardcore and toured the world for years on their own terms. Take all those crappy VHS tapes and throw them away because this is the ultimate hardcore live video that captures the energy, excitement, passion, and the fun of a hardcore show clear and from the middle of the fury with the professionally mixed and mastered 24 track soundboard audio.
CD+DVD, 12.00€


split CD Hardware

Two of Münster's notorious bastards team up for whiplash a of a split. Each three songs, clocking in just under 5 minutes and their best to date. Forget about NEGATIVE APPROACH'S lame ass rehearsal shits effort on TAANG. Buy this instead! Hammering Hardcore Punk the way it was meant to sound! Limited to 500 copies total.
CD, 4.00€


Breaking Point CD Fight Fire With Fire

It's been out for a while, but I just got it in. Coalition hits hard on their debut full-length. Their music has its roots in 80's straight edge hardcore, but with a more modern, new school approach, adding a heaviness and punch that will undoubtedly have you kickboxing in your room. 12 songs with all the breaks and mosh parts you could ask for.
CD, 10.00€


No One Will Thank You When You Are Dead CD Deranged

The CD includes 'Aborted Teen Generation', 'For The Kids...' and 'Jag Hatar Soldater' singles (first time on CD for all), All compilation tracks they've ever done and even some unreleased songs. A total of 39 studio tracks plus a whole live set recorded on their first US tour. This is their last will and testament.
CD, 11.00€


s/t LP Sea Legs

Elliot Babin, drummer of Touche Amore and DNF, has been busy. Since 2009, he has found himself on a demanding eight-months-out-of-the-year tour schedule. In the brief interludes back home in LA, Babin started writing and recording his own songs. The result is Dad Punchers, a nostalgic, sometimes searing, dissection of Babin's life and the people he has met in his time abroad. The 11 tracks on this "bummer punk" debut LP touch on gender roles, codependency, romantic comedy films, consumerism, body image, dwelling on the past, and living while always moving. LP includes digital MP3 version. On colored vinyl.
LP, 14.50€


Breaking The Silence CD Burning Season

The Members of Dance Floor Justice read like a who's-who of the South Florida hardcore scene over the last few years, with members doing time in Until the End, Where Fear and Weapons Meet, and All Hell Breaks Loose, and will have no problem fitting in alongside today's biggest acts such as Comeback Kid, Bane and Terror. Twelve songs of powerful hardcore with some sweet moshparts.
CD, 10.00€


Perspectives CD Assault

DOTD's new full length entitled 'Perspectives', sees the band moving forward into a darker and heavier sound, both musically and lyrically, while keeping their trademark classic raw yet melodic hardcore/punk sound. Imagine Unbroken's heaviness, Tragedy's sense of urgency and Kid Dynamite's melodic sensibility rolled into one. Top it all off with the political and social awareness so much alive during the 90's hardcore scene and you get the idea of what 'Perspectives' sounds like. Coloed vinyl in stock! Split release with We Love Pandas Records, CD version available from Anchors Aweigh Records.
CD, 0.00€