Bad Blood CD Refoundation

Debut album for this new swedish band featuring members of Anchor and The Smackdown. Eleven songs of raging rockish punk/hc blending together influences from The Swarm to Refused, on to Rise & Fall. Nicely done!
CD, 10.00€


...Hate The Living CD Ratpack

Münster´s finest, but still underrated hardcore sensation strikes back with an incredible CD-only release! After their highly recommended limited debut album 'Anthems to world domination', the four piece is back from the dephs of hell to deliver an high-energie and explosive hardcore cocktail. 12 brandnew tracks ready to make your ears bleed. THE DEAD combine their old 80's hardcore influences (NEGATIVE APPROACH, THE FIX etc.) with a pissed off punkrock drive and some nice catchy melodies. The production is even more powerful than on the previous releases. Definitely a must have for fans of old Boston and DC stuff. Real, authentic hardcore how it was meant to be!
CD, 7.00€


Never Enough Time CD Youngblood

Vinyl version finally available! Ten songs of incredible hardcore from this Maryland touring machine. Sincere lyrics, heartfelt vocals, spot-on drumming and guitar work. Powerful straight edge hardcore that blows their impressive debut single out of the water and is a strong contender for any top ten list. Features members of No Justice, and Gamewinner.
CD, 10.00€


Loss CD A389

After touring every corner of the globe, Houston, Texas' Die Young (TX) laid down these three tracks that sees the band playing a crunching, fast hardcore with slight metallic leanings and a political message, taking cues from bands like Catharsis and Pulling Teeth.
CD, 5.00€


Holy Ghost Can Suck It MCD Disaster

Yet another great band that broke up to soon. They've laid down five new songs for this self-released (and sold out) CD before embarking on their summer tour. Listening to this makes me wish that they'd still be together, because these guys move my heart as well as my feet. How come they're no longer around while some crappy bands last forever? Filled to the brim with sadness, despair and an overwhelming energy as well as a feeling for catchy hooks, they leave behind a proud legacy. Screenprinted covers.
MCD, 6.50€


Everyone, Everything CD Vexed

The long awaited, highly anticipated Dispute full length is finally here and it's easily one of the best albums coming out of the Bay Area this year. 14 tracks (including the 'Prime Time' ep) of awesome hardcore that can't be clasified. Mosh parts, singalongs, (really) melodic parts- this one has it all. I've been listening to this a lot and recommend it eventhough it's a CD release!
CD, 12.00€


CD self-released

Get on the ground floor with what will definitely be one hardcore band to watch out for in 2004. With their upsoming Martyr release in the works, these guys will turn some heads with their blend of aggressive and fast, yet undeniably melodic hardcore. Great stuff, limited quantities.
CD, 2.50€


Violent Pacification CD Beer City

It's 1984, D.R.I. had just gotten back from the "Rock Against Reagan" U.S. tour opening for M.D.C. and the Dead Kennedys. Once they perfected their new songs, they recorded the "Violent Pacification" 7" which would be D.R.I.'s next release and done in conjuntion with M.D.C.'s label, R Radical Records. Now after being out of print for 26 years, Beer City Records is proud to reissue "Violent Pacification" in its original 7" format.
CD, 4.50€


Perspectives On Drug Free Culture DVD Compassion Media

"Edge: Perspectives On Drug Free Culture" traces the straight edge subculture from its early roots in the beginning of the 1980s to this day by drawing a very diverse picture through in-depth interviews with 12 individuals. Artists, musicians, activists and people that shaped the idea from the beginning, such as Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat/Fugazi), Ray Cappo (Youth Of Today/Shelter) and Karl Buechner (Earth Crisis), give witness to their perception of the history of straight edge and comment on the praise and criticism.
DVD, 16.00€


demo CD Secret Jams

Election Day is a 5-piece band comprised of current and former members of various New York bands such as Earthquake, Forfeit and Gak Attack who play intense and introspective hardcore that has been likened to Modern Life Is War, Propaghandi and Rites Of Spring.
CD, 4.00€


Sincerely CD Revelation

As part of the Albany music scene well known for its hardcore and metal, and veterans of heavy bands themselves, End Of A Year wanted to take it in a different direction. Inspired by the Revolution Summer period of the Washington, D.C. hardcore scene (ie. Rites Of Spring, Marginal Man, Gray Matter), End Of A Year decided that it is possible to be loud and honest while being tuneful. The music became a natural outgrowth of that position - melodic and, at times, pleasant but always gritty and married to a punk sensibility.
CD, 6.00€


Orange County Hardcore Scenester DVD Anhedenia Films

This documentary is a highly personal (and in no way definitive) look at the Orange County hardcore scene from 1990 to 1997. Featuring the bands Insted, Carry Nation, Farside, Outspoken, Gameface, Eleven Thirty-Four, A Chorus Of Disapproval, Mean Season, Ignite, 411, etc., viewers get to experience never-before-seen photos and videos as well as hear a unique take on the time period covered. Told through narration and images, "Orange County Hardcore Scenester" is a time capsule of sorts in the ever-evolving story of hardcore punk music.
DVD, 12.00€


Under Attack CD Straight On

FINAL FIGHT breaks out of the usual clich'd hardcore to bring you their debut full length Under Attack (CD only, what a bummer). 12 fast blistering tracks that will leave you breathless. FINAL FIGHT attacks serious issues with lyrics that laugh at broken hearts and school yard squabbles, to tackle real problems that people deal with. For fans of COMEBACK KID and WITH HONOR.
CD, 12.00€


CD Cycle

Three huge monster tracks of sing-a-long, fist in the air, East Coast punk rock with razor sharp melody and vocals pumped out with power and passion. Hey, but what more would you expect from a band that consists of former and current members of Lifetime, Ensign, Ex Number Five, The Scarlet Letter, Vision and Strength 691. A perfect pick if you like Dag Nasty, Rise Against, Lifetime, Strike Anywhere, Bad Religion, etc.
CD, 3.00€



Three songs from this new DC straight edge band. Singalongs, breakdowns and mosh parts make this very accessible and worth checking out. The songwriting is refreshingly mature and intelligent, not much of a surprise if you know that members of this band have been active in the hardcore scene for years. Desperation, anger and melody... good work.
CD, 2.50€


Epics In Minutes CD Deranged

For those unfamiliar with the band, they have 5 singles out already, a split ep with, along with a full length in the not so distant future. They are from Toronto, Canada and they feature Jonah from Career Suicide and Mike from Ruination. A good number of the tracks found on the CD have appeared on vinyl in one shape or another but this CD features a number of previously unreleased mixes, demo tracks and part of a radio set. The whole project was re-mastered by Jon Drew who was responsible for making the Police ep so damn devastating in the first place. Not to be missed!
CD, 11.00€


Shore Style CD BrokenGlass

This is the digital version of the new full length from the Jersey Shore's own Get Real. The CD has the new 12 song full length plus the 17cm/Collapse debut ep, the super limited 'Fuck the Shore' ep, and their tracks from Lockin' Out's 'Sweet Vision' compilation. 19 songs total. Get Real play fast, agressive hardcore inspired by early NYHC greats such as the Cro Mags, Breakdown, and Raw Deal. This'll put them on the map.
CD, 10.00€


Round One CD Bloody Knuckles

Formed in late 2002, this Orange County based quartet play hardcore; fast and raw, plain and simple. Hardcore the way it should be played, for the people in the pit and the guys on the stage. No fashion, no fads, no bullshit drama, just straight up hardcore.
CD, 9.00€


s/t CD Day By Day

Forward dashing, modern hardcore rich in tempo with sense for melancholy moods. Technically versed, with some catchy melody moves, however, all together everything is rather brought over angry. Who loves emotional, but ass kicking hardcore, will have his true joy with Gold Kids. In the comparison the music lies somewhere between Modern Life Is Were, Suicide File and the early stuff of Panic or American Nightmare.
CD, 7.00€


Carry The Torch CD Words Of War

Corpus Christi, TX's The Golden Age play a politically charged, melodic hardcore style that can be compared to bands like Strike Anywhere, Rise Against, Kid Dynamite and Comeback Kid, complete with catchy riffs and gang vocals. The cover art was done by comic book artist Eric Powell, whose resume includes The Goon and Batman. Hardcore and comic books- what more could you ask for? A vinyl release maybe? Stay tuned!
CD, 10.00€



Metallic hardcore with political lyrics that deserves your attention. Political and passionte, these guys have something to say and are gearing up for their european tour next year. They were nice enough to send a bunch of demos my way, so if you'r interested, you can order a copy for free. It even comes with a small booklet that is actually worth reading. They've made 'Vegan Death Squad' stickers, how cool is that?
CD, 0.00€


Before They Know We're All Dead CD Defiant Hearts/ Refoundation

'Before They Know We're All Dead' consists of 10 tracks: 6 brand new songs recorded in july 2008 and 4 songs from their debut EP 'Those who do wrong deserve to be blamed'. Their music can be described best as an energetic mix between the mid tempo parts of AMERICAN NIGHTMARE, UNBROKEN and CRO-MAGS. The focus is still on writing the fastest, most uncompromising and groundbreaking songs ever possible. It's all about hardcore in its purest form, with a no-frills attitude, made by veterans of the scene. The lyrics deal with some issues that the hardcore scene seems to have forgotten about nowadays, such as politics and animal rights: this is an album full of anger and disappointment towards society and its horrors like animal exploitation and the Israeli occupation in Palestine but also towards a hardcore scene which is more and more apathetic and cares only about trends.
CD, 4.00€


Foundation: The Discography LP Indecision

Hard Stance was a crucial starting point for members that would end up inspiring a scene that still runs strong today. And don't be mistaken to assume that inspiration was their only contribution, members remained active outside of Hard Stance by playing in such scene stalwarts as Inside Out, No For An Answer, Chain Of Strength, Statue, Farside, and even heading out with Gorilla Biscuits for a tour. This collection contains all their recorded output. LP includes digital download. On colored vinyl.
LP, 18.50€