Bent On Destruction MCD Words Of War

After a debut EP and multiple east coast tours, Harder The Fight, from the Boston area, present another EP, this time for Words Of War Records. These five songs are passionate, fast and occasionally heavy, with mosh parts, breakdowns and gang vocals, taking cues from current heavyweights Down To Nothing and Blacklisted. Unfortunately this is a CD only release.
MCD, 6.00€


10.17.01 CD+DVD Bridge Nine

Bridge Nine Records is proud to present "10.17.09," a special LP/CD+DVD of Have Heart's final show. Six cameras captured the sights in the venue and the room was mic'ed to capture every sound from the band and the crowd from this once-in-a-lifetime show. Alternative Press said Have Heart's songs "...ooze passion and exude power," much like this must-have LP/CD+DVD experience. Vinyl version includes digital download. CD+DVD includes three additional tracks.
CD+DVD, 11.00€


Hands.Blood.Freedom MCD For The Core

Taking their moniker from a Strike Anywhere song title, this Tehachapi, CA based group knocks out highly melodic hardcore with a punk edge. In other words, less 'chugga chugga' and more... punk! With members of DIEHARDYOUTH, these guys go for a more personal sound. Too bad that the cover looks rather patriotic.
MCD, 7.00€


Brave Sounds CD Keep It Core

Limited to only 200 copies, Hollywood plays Hardcore in the vein of Dead Hearts... rocking, passionate and laced with anthemic melodies. Add some sweet chorus parts and you got one awesome record that I wouldn't want to miss. The CD comes with two bonus tracks that rule... I like this a lot.
CD, 5.00€


To Teach A Hundred CD Triple Attack

After a split with Black SS, Rochester, NY's How We Are entered the studio to work on these twelve songs that make up their debut full-length. These boys bring a heavy, melodic and passionate styled hardcore very much like that of Verse, Have Heart and Bane. Featuring ex-members of THE DISASTER. The vinyl version has unfortunately been cancelled.
CD, 10.00€


s/t CD ID

Think of Warzone, Cro-Mags, 7 Seconds, and Gorilla Biscuits and you get these guys! Total fast and fun youth crew like it used to be, but with enough radical riffs to keep you thinking of Warzone! Add sing-a-long vocals and throw your finger in the air hardcore... This is their entire output (so far) plus a live set...a total of 20 tracks!
CD, 5.00€


Fallen Lassen CD RuinNation

A young and new Punk Band made up of some dedicated activists from Bremen. This is their 8 song debut release, straddling the fence between a demo CD and a proper release due to the high production values. This is also a benefit release. In Iratus (roughly translated from latin as 'in rage'... ) play personal and political inspired punk. Their activism is served well by their well meant and varied lyrics that cover a wide array of topics and problems withing our society. This is brought to you wrapped in shredding guitar ridden, aggressive and passionate hardcore punk- definitely old school. The whole thing comes with beautiful wood cut artwork by Armsrock and a full color 12 page booklet sleeve.
CD, 5.00€


Embracing Emptiness CD Assault

After their highly acclaimed full length release 'Tides' in 2005, Hamburg’s Just Went Black return with their brand new 10inch EP, 'Embracing Emptiness'. Passion is the name of the game and these six new songs leave nothing to be desired: raging fury and sheer power, as well as fragile melodies and moments packed with pure emotion. This is pure hardcore punk rock, and nothing else. Or wait a second - maybe it’s a lot more?! Devastating, ugly…and stunningly beautiful. We're doing out best to give this the deluxe vinyl treatment: heavy cardstock covers and printed inner sleeves. Colored vinyl in stock!
CD, 8.00€


Four Years In One Gulp DVD Jade Tree

Four Years in One Gulp is the vibrant 90-minute documentary of the all-too-brief life and times of KID DYNAMITE. For the first time you'll hear the side of these Philadelphia punk heroes' story that's gone previously untold, and not just from the band themselves, but also from their friends, supporters and fans. Highlighted by 25 raging live performances, the DVD reveals KID DYNAMITE's guts: the personalities, the music and the motivation, life at home and on the road, and the process of putting the band together only to watch it prematurely fall apart.
DVD, 15.50€


discography CD Youngblood

This discography collects the complete works of Philadelphia's Knockdown compiling their self- titled EP, the Full Contact demo and two unreleased songs. 14 tracks of Straight Edge hardcore in the vein of Youth Of Today and Negative Approach. Members of SHARK ATTACK, NO WARNING and VIOLENT MINDS.
CD, 10.00€


s/t CD Rising Riot

No, this isn't typical german punk, well, this is punk with german lyrics, with smart german lyrics. Due to the fact that Michi of NEIN NEIN NEIN is doing the vocals, it's obvious, that the bomber reminds of NEIN NEIN NEIN, but KRAUTBOMBER is way harder and straighter than the 3 guys from gladbach. This record is a middlefinger for all the cliche-hardcore or -punk-kids, who are trapped in their own constricted world of senseless stereotypes. Well, and moreover this record is the broad evidence that punk from germany can get along very well without songs about booze, soccer and dull humour.
CD, 8.00€


s/t MCD Dead & Gone

Sincere Straight Edge hardcore from the UK on this six song CD, which reflects the bands love of traditional straight edge hardcore and their desire to create something new. This should appeal to fans of TURNING POINT, CHAIN OF STRENGTH and BANE. Honest, melodic and passionate, these guys deserve a chance. They'd be big if they'd hail from the US. Look for them on tour soon.
MCD, 7.00€


Dead Weight MCD Dead & Gone

Blending the melody of TURNING POINT with the crunch of IN MY EYES, this record puts Sheffield hardcore on the map. Six songs of awesome straight edge hardcore. Along with SPITFIREDOWN and THE LAST CHANCE, these guys are at the front of UK straight edge hardcore. If they would be from the US, kids would definitely sit up and notice them. Great record- I only wish that there'd be vinyl.
MCD, 6.50€


We Gave It Everything MCD Assault

This is the reissue of THE LEGACY's 'We Gave It Everything' MCD originally released on Dead & Gone If you haven't heard from THE LEGACY yet, you're missing out on one of europe's finest hardcore bands right now. One year after their debut release, THE LEGACY have stepped it way up. 'We Gave It Everything' showcases the bands progression from melodic old school hardcore into something more passionate and intense. Retaining their melodic edge, the new record comes at you with more drama and anger, improved songwriting and lyrics. If you're into bands like MODERN LIFE IS WAR and LIFE LONG TRAGEDY, you owe it to yourself to give THE LEGACY a listen. While similar to these bands, THE LEGACY still retains a more old school approach that makes 'We Gave It Everything' nothing short of exceptional. Just like the best hardcore songs, THE LEGACY give strength and inspiration, something we all need in a world were ideals are considered by many to be expendable. In this life of broken dreams, their message is simple: 'Don't give up on yourself'!
MCD, 6.50€


CD Sike Out

These guys from Philly play old school hardcore and they play it right. The fast tempos, straight forward lyrics, chorus parts and the overall attitude of this band is what make this demo a good one. If you are a fan of the GORILLA BISCUITS, GO!, or FROSTBITE, than you should check out these guys. Hardcore done right!
CD, 3.00€


DVD Coalition

The Live Target DVD features live footage from bands such as LÄRM, TEAR IT UP, THE RITES, DAS OATH, SEEIN RED, SMACKDOWN and THE HORROR as well as photo and flyer galleries. Nice job from Coalition Records.
DVD, 11.00€


Save Yourself CD Break X Out

MAINTAIN from Boston Massachusetts bring 7 songs of passionate, heavy hardcore to this record. With complex guitar lines, harmonic distortion, and relentless rhythms, they create a sonic explosion. Influenced by the great bands of the 90's like TRIAL, SNAPCASE or 108.
CD, 6.50€


When It Counts CD Think Fast!

This Ottawa, Ontario group dishes out hardcore the way it should be, fast and furious, with plenty of breakdowns. Five songs played with a classic Chain Of Strength meets Judge feel. And you thought the Hanson brothers were Canada's only worthwhile export. This is good enough to warrant buying a CD (because there'll be no vinyl).
CD, 11.00€


Not Just Words CD Still Life

Positive melodic old school hardcore in the vein of Bane, Verse and Comeback Kid. Nine tracks that definitely deserve your attention. The opener 'Guilty' is pretty impressive, so just imagine this being on Rivalry Records and pick up a copy!
CD, 10.00€


Merciless CD Trustkill

NYC's hardcore hellions are back with another album of fury and excitement! From their lyrics and music straight down to their stark black and white aesthetics, you know where Most Precious Blood is from and where they stand. 13 songs!
CD, 12.00€


Nervour Wreck MCD Martyr

Debut EP featuring ex-Dead Serious and current Down to Nothing members. Expect an eleven minute anger management session with elements pulled from the late '80s NYHC scene into modern day hardcore. Tough, no frills hardcore heavy enough to punch through whatever's in your way. Their 'take no prisoners' approach definitely works for me- I've liked this more than expected Vinyl might be in stock later, but will have less songs.
MCD, 7.50€


CD none

6 song demo of old school hardcore that does not disappoint. They've turned some heads already, so expect a vinyl release soon enough. Passionate and fiercely dedicated, don't miss this chance to check them out now.
CD, 2.50€

NK 6

Keep On Keeping On CD Deranged

Hailing from Japan, NK 6 dish out nine blasts of hard hitting hardcore. The style is pretty classic Japanese thrash with a bit of melody and a crazed approach (would you expect anything less?!). Produced by Fugu of Gauze fame.
CD, 9.00€