Let Them Know: The Story Of Youth Brigade And BYO Records DVD+BOOK+2xLP BYO

Told through interviews and rare footage of the explosive L.A. punk rock scene from the '80s until now, 'Let Them Know: The Story Of Youth Brigade And BYO Records' looks at the last 25 years of the influential L.A. punk band Youth Brigade and BYO Records, as well as documenting the early L.A. punk and DIY scene. The packaging also contains a 100+ page coffee table book that is full-color and hardbound full of snippets, anecdotes and rare intimate photos about the evolving independent punk rock scene through the past 25 years; two full length, color vinyl LPs with 31 exclusive recordings of classic songs from the extensive BYO catalog by bands like 7 Seconds, Anti-Flag, Bouncing Souls, Lagwagon, Leatherface, NOFX, Pennywise and more; and a bonus CD version of the entire thing with the vinyl.
DVD+BOOK+2xLP, 41.00€


Bridge Nine Summer Compilation 2009 CD Bridge Nine

Bridge Nine Records has grown so rapidly in the last three years, they have released the 'Summer Compilation 2009' as their way of celebrating. A total of 14 songs, this comp features tracks from the upcoming release schedule of 2009 and highlights from 2008 releases, featuring nine new and unreleased tracks from Strike Anywhere, Death Before Dishonor, Polar Bear Club, Have Heart, Ruiner, Dead Swans, Soul Control, Crime In Stereo and Paint It Black as well as tracks from Cruel Hand, H2O, Ceremony, Defeater and Energy. LP version includes digital download.
CD, 4.00€


Deranged Records sampler CD Deranged

Meet the Deranged family of bands on this budget-priced promo CD. Songs from DS-13, OUT COLD, NK6, USV, TEAR IT UP, HIGHSCORE, LAST IN LINE, VOORHES and E.T.A.. Plus songs from the upcoming HAYMAKER LP, HACKSAW LP and OURxWAR. Can't go wrong here.
CD, 2.50€


Memories Of Tomorrow comp. CD Youngblood Records

Since the vinyl release was an instant sellout, here's your chance to get this awesome compilation. Featuring unreleased tracks by NO JUSTICE, LIFE'S HALT, H-STREET, NO REPLY, BEST OF TIMES, HOLDING ON, DIRTY DIRT & THE DIRTS, CARRY ON, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?, GAZPACHO, HANDPLANT, VITAMIN X, VARSITY, The GATE CRASHERS, COMMITTED and RANCOR. These will be the Memories Of Tomorrow!
CD, 11.00€


Here's Your Warning comp. CD Excursion

This 23 song/ band sampler showcases the very active Northwest Hardcore scene. Among established acts such as STAY GOLD, CHAMPION, THE ANSWER, HIMSA, LEFT WITH NOTHING, BLUE MONDAY, COLD SWEAT, BOTCH and WAXWING, you're introduced to a bunch of new band of which you'll see records soon (PISTOLS AT DUSK, HARDESTY, ROSARY, SCREWJACK, ENTROPY PROJECT, DEADSURE, THE HIT, POSITIVELY NEGATIVE and more. This is a solid introduction to a very productive scene that has a bunch of rad bands. Budget priced (and containing some unreleased songs), there's no reason not to check out some of the bands.
CD, 2.00€


Rise Up comp. CD Fight Fire With Fire

18 track nice price release that gives án overview of those bands that Porcell deems important and/or good enough to be released on his very own label. With a line-up that reads like a who's who of current hardcore, you certainly can't fault his taste: NEVER SURRENDER (surprise), COALITION, FACE THE ENEMY, BONES BRIGADE, HEARTBREAKER, CAST ASIDE, DEATHSTAR, IN THE RED, MURDER WEAPON, LAST OF THE FAMOUS, CUT THE SHIT, RNR, COMEBACK KID, FIVE STAR, CHANGE, WHERE EAGLES DARE
CD, 5.00€



Tuell Records first release features 3 fresh and upcoming hc bands you should definetly check out! MIC play old school hc with a twist of mosh, featuring members of Final Prayer. OOT come at you with modern hc with a revolutionary mix of differnet hc genres while WAT play melodic old school hc which reminds you of a time long gone. Check this out!
CD, 7.00€


State Of The Scene comp. CD Get Outta Town

State Of The Scene captures 36 of the best hardcore bands of summer 2006 from all over the world on one CD. There are more recognizable bands like The First Step, The Geeks, Shipwreck, Pointing Finger, Wake Up Call, Slumlords, Youth Attack, Dance Floor Justice, Learn and more. Countries are represented from five different continents, with bands hailing from places like Korea, South Africa, Australia, Sweden, Austria, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, and the US.
CD, 5.00€


Fucked Up Weekend DVD

This DVD was shot over the three days of shows of the record release weekend for Fucked Up's 'Hidden World' LP. A few songs from over 15 bands are featured including Fucked Up, Homostupids, Double Negative, Career Suicide, Brutal Knights, Waste Management, Sex/Vid, The Tranzmitors, Mind Eraser, Statues, Marvelous Darlings and more. This rules!
DVD, 14.00€


No Delusions - A Chicago Hardcore Documentary DVD self-released

Unlike a lot of cities that have one prevailing sound associated with them, Chicago has always had variety. For the most part, it's a city where kids have defined what hardcore is for themselves instead of trying to fit in with what's popular elsewhere. NO DELUSIONS doesn't attempt to cover the entirety of Chicago hardcore, but touches on a few of the various styles and sounds from the late '80s through the late '00s with an emphasis on how it has evolved into the scene it is todayFeaturing: Plan of Attack, The Killer, Harms Way, Weekend Nachos, Punch in the Face, The Repos, Sin Orden, Extinction, Racetraitor, Charles Bronson, Los Crudos, MK-Ultra, Billingsgate, Even Score, and more!
DVD, 15.00€


The Hate5Six Diaries Volume One DVD Hate5Six

This DVD features nearly four hours of powerful hardcore shot by hate5six, delivering some of the best video and audio in hardcore, capturing 108, Damnation A.D., Iron Chic, Pulling Teeth, Touche Amore, GIVE, Kid Dynamite, Ruiner, The First Step, Trial, Have Heart, Converge, Mindset, The Rival Mob, Unbroken and more, with proceeds from the sales going to benefit the One Hundred For Haiti organization.
DVD, 6.00€


Gravedigger CD Surprise Attack

Is it punk? Is it hardcore? Is it old school? Does it matter? No matter how you look at it the fury that Van Damage drops on your ass is some of the best that PA has had to offer up over the past few years. Nine songs of greatness in the vein of the Cro-Mags and Turning Point bro-ing down at a Monster truck pull. Complete with guest vocals by Dan Mills (Cold World), Scott Vogel (Terror), & Hoodrack (War Hungry). For fans of: Good Hardcore. These dudes play get-low-friendly hardcore like RZL DZL and Righteous Jams. Colored vinyl in stock.
CD, 10.50€


Vain In Life CD Rebellion

NYC's VANITY is the two-men street rockin' and curb stompin' project between Colman Durkee (CREEM, Nuclear Spring, Natural Law) and Evan Radigan (The Rival Mob, Raw Meat, Wolf Whistle) that surprised friend and foe with their smashin' debut album "Vain In Life" last year for Katorga Works on LP!
REBELLION RECORDS now proudly presents the CD version of this monstrous proto-punk influenced, Chiswick flirtin', born in '77 streetrock album! We included four bonus tracks, recorded for an unreleased promo cassette, to the album that are raw and dirty versions of album tracks such as "Might Trumps Thought" and "Fuck Right Off"!
CD, 13.00€


The Journey CD Burning Season

This CD collection contains all the bands' previous work up to their first full length on Victory Records. Twenty tracks of modern Hardcore; Songs that last 2 to 3 minutes; Not Old School, though they contain fast parts and melodies and not New School, though they contain heavy breaks and mosh parts; music with both, influences of Punk and Metal; vocals that switch from aggressive shouts to melodic singing and back. Songs are taken from their debut ep, their first LP and their split with The Distance.
CD, 11.00€


s/t CD TML

The much anticipated vinyl re-release of their first EP that came out on CD on Stillborn Records and on wax from Teishu Records. If you don't know who they are by now, then crawl out from under that rock and buy this record. Passionate, sincere hardcore played by some of the best dudes around. For fans of BANE, SHAI HULUD and STRETCH ARMSTRONG. On colored vinyl.
CD, 5.00€


The Time Is Now demo CD Third Party

The first Third Party demo release in years, xWITNESSx play fast straight edge (of course) hardcore with a passion. 'Never Again' is a veg(etari)an song, which has become a rarity these days and is therefore all the more apprechiated. Dedicated is the one word to describe xWITNESSx.
CD, 3.00€


demo a.d.07 CD-R Wolf Whistle

Ten song demo from WOLF WHISTLE that brings to mind bands like 97A. These guys give it all and seem to be determined not to reach the 1-minute mark with any of their songs. It's amazing that they still contain thick breaks and the mosh part and make it all work. Pat Flynn, singer of HAVE HEART lets it all out here. Intense.
CD-R, 3.00€


1987-1991 discography CD Bridge Nine

From 1987 until into the '90s Wrecking Crew ruled the Boston and East Coast hardcore scene. Wrecking Crew was a hardcore / metal crossover style band that collapsed upon themselves before breaking up. Most of the bands releases are long out of print, and their debut LP (released originally on Hawker Records, a subsidiary of Roadrunner Records, is out of print AND locked away). This collection is twenty-four songs, composed of rare, out of press and previously never heard gems from demo, live, and EP recordings, as well as a re-recorded version of the classic track 'Why Must They'. Learn another chapter of Boston (and East Coast) hardcore by checking out Wrecking Crew.
CD, 12.00€