Demo 2005 7-Inch Specimen 32

Hailing from Canada, About To Snap rip through 5 songs of fast, pissed off hardcore. For fans of Striking Distance, 97a, and Voorhees. The vinyl is one-sided with a screen printing on the b-side. Ferocious and wicked. Now on A-389 Recordings.
7-Inch, 2.00€


Walk Together, Trash Together 7-Inch Give Praise

There's definitely a predilection towards an older hardcore sound here, and it's not given away only by the title and Deep Wound cover, although the latter is part of the equation. Plenty of thrash, some double-speed and slower parts, as well and tightly played. The production is in-your-face without being too slick. Lyrics in Portuguese, with English explanations. Could have been part of the thrash 'revival' in the earlier part of the decade but the songs have more presence than a lot of those bands.
7-Inch, 2.00€


Johnny Baghdad 7-Inch Puke N Vomit

This record is brutally fast hardcore with great hooks that make it stand out as a hit among the legions of generic hardcore records coming out these days. ANTI YOU are from Italy but the sound on this record would likely be closer to that of the first wave of LA hardcore bands a la CIRCLE JERKS or BLACK FLAG and will also please fans of REGUALTIONS, LA PIOVRA, MINOR THREAT and GOVERNMEMT WARNING.
7-Inch, 2.50€


s/t 7-Inch self-released

I guess I expected pretty standard fast hardcore, of the Gorilla Biscuits/Minor Threat style, but AOF are actually a lot more rock n' roll than that, and a good bit faster as well. There are a lot of Army of Fun songs that sound like nothing so much as sped-up rock n' roll, and in that way they remind me of 9 Shocks Terror. Six songs of energetic old school hardcore with a rocking edge and some melodies. Nice one.
7-Inch, 2.00€


Theory/ History 7-Inch Element

This New England based group will appeal to fans of Tragedy or early Rorschach with their aggressive blend of hardcore mixed with elements of thrash and grind. Raging, intelligent metal/ hardcore/ grind crossover from the northeast. BSI are inarguably New Englands most dangerous band. Drawing a line across the darkest chasms of hardcore and metal, this band stands on their own.
7-Inch, 2.00€


Class Struggle 7-Inch Think Tank

NJ's Beneath The Street are made up of five fresh new faces, but they deliver a powerful punch. 'Class Struggle' is their debut release and is five songs of emotional, sometimes political, always volatile hardcore that blurs genre boundary lines, at times sounding like Modern Life Is War, at times like Blacklisted and at times bearing the mid-tempo pace and melodies of bands like End Of A Year.
7-Inch, 2.00€


Bad To Worse 7-Inch State Of Mind

Four songs from this Long Island based group featuring ex-members of Inside and Silent Majority. This ep has a crazy layout with hand screened bags, four different colors of vinyl, an 11x17 inch poster, and bonus CD. Musically, they kind of remind me of the underrated Silent Majority.
7-Inch, 2.50€


s/t 7-Inch Words Of War

San Diego's BUILT TO LAST return after a few years of dormancy with this 2 song EP. Having released CDs for Resurrection AD records, they played alongside some crucial bands and were the anchor of their local hardcore scene during their tenure. While they have a new line up, original members went on to be in bands like SBV, OVER MY DEAD BODY and even ANGELS AND AIRWAVES.
7-Inch, 2.00€


Punkcore/ Punkwhores 7-Inch Radio 81

Second release from these Montreal punkers! CCSS was originally the side project of Steve and Sam from Inepsy. They decided to dedicate their inspiration to late seventies/early eighties punk rock. They toured with Born/Dead in 2005 and soon after, they became a full time band. CCSS reminds me of early UK punk ala One way System/GBH mixed up with Americans like Crucifix/The Germs/Dead Boys. This band's the most original thing to come out of the crust punk scene in recent years… This new ep includes three super catchy songs + a very good version of 'Dicks hate the police'.
7-Inch, 2.50€


Carbon 7-Inch PBP

CAPITAL DEATH plays intense original sounding hardcore punk. Imagine a cross betweem SEPITC DEATH and FILTH. They have put out one ep in the past that ruled, but thise is definitely their best stuff yet. It's a great recording and an all around great looking record. This is a band well worth checking out.
7-Inch, 2.00€


Vicious Ones 7-Inch Slab-O-Wax

Debut single of high-paced punk rock straight from Austin, Texas. Their sound is reminiscent of old Youth Brigade (L.A) meets the Bodies. Complete Control is one of the best up-and-coming punk rock bands and this four song ep is a teaser to their upcoming full length on TKO records. Former members of the STRAP-ONZ. Colored Wax!
7-Inch, 2.00€


split 7" Burn Bridges

Counting The Days and Hollywood are two bands that aren't products of the ridiculous messageboard hype that seems to be the only thing kids care about these days. These bands go out and tour this country giving people everything whether it's in front of 200 or 20. Agressive, raw and pissed, this ep features two new songs from each band that can be described as melodic modern hardcore. Now is your chance to check out two bands that embody everything that we hold important in this genre... hardwork, dedication, and songs with substance. Watch out for the CTD/ RUINER european tour! 2nd hand
7", 2.50€


Drug Free Zone 7" Commitment

‘Drug Free Zone’ is a 7″ by Cross Me. It was released in 2001 and it is a 100% Straight Edge release. Nikes, X’d up hands of the members, everything is the way it ‘should be’. The band sounds as they are really big Project X fans which is not a surprise having in mind the name they chose. The tracks are fast and short, the vocals are rough. The lyrics are concerning social and everyday matters like homophobia and straight edge of course.
7", 3.00€


Black And White And Red All Over LP Assault

Lyrically dark and desperate, The Disaster come out of New York City with a blast of powerful and melodic hardcore with raspy forced singing. The music is classic hardcore with melodic sensibilities. THE DISASTER sound like the most incredible combination of KID DYNAMITE, IN MY EYES and AMERICAN NIGHTMARE. The hoarse vocals are hard and harsh. They fuel the music with angst-ridden lyrics about depression, death and other dismal outcomes. Great lyrics, fast-paced drumming, blazing guitars, and thumping bass propel this into a fireball of fury. Every song is short, unyielding, and lethal. While banging out straight-ahead adrenalized rhythms, The Disaster is capable of sneaking in gusts of catchy melody. Aggressive and vicious, THE DISASTER have delivered one emotionally fantastic release that emphasizes all that is right about having passion for hardcore ('color me colonial'), and all that is true about fatalistic thoughts in moments of utter despair ('an ode to a dawn that will never come'). Jaw-dropping artwork and packaging, along with the vibrant production top off a release that will turn some heads.
LP, 5.00€


s/t 7-Inch Fields Of Hope

Empty Vision turned heads with every new output in the past and their latest new EP will be no exception. Expect four new songs from one of germany's most passionate bands.The band already added one new song to their myspace page, make sure to check it out! The colored vinyl contains 4 songs and is wrapped in slick looking heavy cardstock covers. These ship early march.
7-Inch, 2.00€


Identity 7" Control

Control Records is excited to be releasing “Identity”, a brand new 3 song EP by England’s FADE. While the band consists of members of bands like Shrapnel, Violent Reaction and Higher Power, FADE definitely operates in a different part of the spectrum. These recordings see the band developping their post hardcore sound further, drawing influences from bands as Quicksand, Godspeed and Big Collapse. “Identity” features two new songs and a cover of the often overlooked Memorial Day (post Turning Point). 
7", 6.50€


s/t 7-Inch Fields Of Hope

Four tracks of passionate modern hardcore that packs a punch. These guys are from switzerland but they can definitely hold their own and you'd do well to check them out on their tour with THE EFFORT. Chances are that you'll find a new band to look out for. Highly recommended. On GREEN vinyl.
7-Inch, 1.00€


split 7" Triple B

This split teams up two of the younger bands in today's hardcore scene. Make Or Break represent Florida and previous to this split released an EP of old-school moshy fun on Get Outta Town. Haunted Life are from Chicago and are a five-piece playing more epic hardcore like Bane or Modern Life Is War. Now available on colored vinyl! 2nd hand
7", 3.00€


Resistir Y Existir 7-Inch Commitment

It's Now is a straight edge hardcore band from Monterrey, Mexico. Already around since 2004, this 7? is their first international release, making them the second Latin American band on Commitment. It's Now is inspired both by political Spanish language bands like Los Crudos and by the late 1980s west coast straight edge sound (Insted, Chain Of Strength). On this 7?, that is more like a mini-album with 16 minutes of music, It?s Now rage through 7 songs of varied, aggressive and political hardcore. On colored vinyl.
7-Inch, 2.50€


split 7" Lucifer's Legion

nd handTwo new tracks from More Than Ever, playing melodic and passionate new schoiol hardcore. Turn Away from Stuttgart delivers intense and catchy hardcore combined with amazing punkrock tunes. Aggressive and driving old school hardcore that doesn't disappoint. Sweet Bukowski cover artwork and on colored vinyl. 2nd hand
7", 3.00€