World Of Inconvenience LP Straight & Alert

After releasing their demo early 2017, REGIONAL JUSTICE CENTER quietly worked on their song writing craft, no teasers, no promo tapes, just a constant display of force through live performance where they refined until their was no fat left to trim. WORLD OF INCONVENIENCE finds its home in ever shifting time signatures, punishing punk beats and constantly off kilter breaks. This record expands RJC from the one man band demo and adds players from the live band as well a brief guest appearance by Mark Palm(Go It Alone, Supercrush, Black Breath). Drawing from such sources as CROSSED OUT or INFEST all the way to the THE BEATLES the record never leaves you anticipating what will happen next. Recorded in Western Massachusetts with Will Killingsworth and housed in art by Mark McCoy, WORLD OF INCONVENIENCE makes for a complete package of hardcore brilliance. 
FFO : Infest, Sex Prisoner, Crossed Out
LP, 12.00€


Demo 7" Straight & Alert

COMBUST, formed in late 2017, break into the scene with 5 intense tracks of straight up New York Hardcore. Featuring members of NYHC bands Vice and Impact, it’s not hard to see the heavy influence from bands such as Killing Time / Raw Deal, Outburst and Cro-Mags. This is a band that you’ll want to keep your eye on as we head into the new year.
7", 6.00€


A New Light 7" Straight & Alert

BITTER YOUTH is a new breed UK Hardcore from Liverpool. A New Light marks a defined change of step with their sound. The refined elements of classic and modern hardcore, with the positive ethic of youth crew bands like True Colors or Mindset, introspectiveness and emotional edge of bands like Turning Point, and bruising yet melodic riffs make it clear, the youth is bitter but striving for unity and progress.
7", 6.00€


Feel The Burn 7" Straight & Alert

RAGE was started with the intention to play UK influenced hardcore like Violent Reaction or The Flex, so you can definitely find that UKHC vibe, mixed with Boston Hardcore (The Rival Mob / No Tolerance) and mid 80’s NYHC (Outburst). 5 track 7″ banger!
7", 6.00€


Thoughts Are Things 7" Youngblood

Discrepancy presents their debut 7", "Thoughts Are Things," adding another EP to the pile of classic Southern California/Orange County hardcore 7"s alongside bands like Hard Stance, Inside Out, Chain Of Strength, Unity, and Pushed Aside. These tracks take cues from those bands and infuse modern power fronted by HB local Nick Evans, who previously wielded the guitar for bands like New Brigade and Soul Search. On "Thoughts Are Things," Evans lured Philly native Justin O'Hara (Disengage, Consolation Prize, Stick Together) out west to add that much more experience, creating a 7" that will be looked upon as a benchmark of the era's hardcore sound. 7" includes digital download.
7", 7.50€


The Low End Fury 7" React!

Soul Power is a San Diego, CA-based straight edge outfit that strives to make hardcore that is unapologetically on their own terms. The band's message is not a far cry from the progressive social commentary of their predecessors; however, their lyrical sentiments implore logic and calculated action as much as they push for forward-thinking and unity. When all is said and done, Soul Power is straight up hardcore, through and through. 7" includes digital download. On colored vinyl.
7", 7.50€


s/t LP Lockin' Out

New York City's Krimewatch is back. With catchy riffs and heavy breaks, they stay true to their NYHC roots while fusing early Japanese punk into a sharp and powerful new album. For fans of Minor Threat, JFA, The Comes, and Killing Time.
LP, 15.50€


s/t 7" Painkiller

Tracked in Boston and London but mostly indebted to the early days of DCHC, Deadlock arrive with a trans-Atlantic tribute to the rough and ready sounds of Dischord 1-6, featuring the return of Violent Reaction main man Tom Pimott to the microphone. 9 songs in about as many minutes, tape wrinkles and all. Members have also done time in No Tolerance, Arms Race, and Chain Rank and many others. One-time pressing of 500 copies, black vinyl only.
7", 7.50€


Flexual Healing Vol.7 CS Painkiller

Just off of their East Coast USA tour with Arms Race, The Flex return with their signature blend of early 80s UK punk and late 80s NYHC in advance of their upcoming LP on Static Shock. Thundering 'Inferno' goes straight...
CS, 6.50€


Moment Of Truth 7" War

Berthold City's upcoming "Moment Of Truth" 7" was tracked by Aaron Jamili at Wormhole Studios and mastered by Don Fury, the NYHC legend who has worked with everyone from Gorilla Biscuits to Agnostic Front to Youth Of Today. The 7" will include three songs from their demo, plus three additional cuts tracked during the same session. For fans of Youth Of Today, Judge, Carry On, In My Eyes, Strife, and American Nightmare. Limited edition of 400 copies.
7", 8.00€


Shaved For Battle LP Taang!

Stars And Stripes is the oi side-project of Choke from Slapshot and took a tongue-in-cheek spin on the genre, with bouncy, melodic punk rock coupled with Choke's signature vocal delivery. It features the two tracks from the "Drop The Bomb" 7" that were not included on the original release of the album. For fans of Rancid, The Business, and Dropkick Murphys. These are the remaining copies from Record Store Day 2018 on black vinyl, limited to 500 copies.
LP, 22.00€


Sudden Death Overtime LP Taang!

"Sudden Death Overtime" was the 2nd album from Boston hardcore legends SLAPSHOT. Released in 1990, it followed up their debut "back on the map" perfectly, a volatile mixture of fast, maniacal hardcore with angry street punk fronted by the notorious Choke, a Boston legend who previously fronted the bands NEGATIVE FX and LAST RIGHTS. Limited RSD release on colored vinyl.
LP, 22.00€


A Fist Full O'Hits LP Taang!

"a fist full o’ hits" was a sampler released by Taang Records on tape only in the '80s as the label was coming to prominence in the Boston underground scene. Tracks on this came from bands like MISSION OF BURMA, MOVING TARGETS, LEMONHEADS, GANG GREEN, THE OYSTERS, STRANGLEHOLD, KEITH LEVENE, UNNATURAL AXE, BULLET LAVOLTA, SLAPSHOT, JERRY’S KIDS, KILSLUG and D.Y.S.. This album has never been on vinyl and is a historical documentation of a label and scene in the late '80s. Limited press of 500 on black vinyl.
LP, 21.00€


s/t LP Taang!

Originally released in 1989 on Choke from Slapshot's label, Patriot Records, this LP from Forced Reality was re-issued by Taang! in 1999 and has been out of print ever since. They were at the forefront of the Connecticut oi scene of the late-'80s. On colored vinyl
LP, 18.50€


Demo 2018 CS Flatspot

Richmond, VA's new blood Outsider has delivered their punishing new debut effort inspired by NYHC and the early 2000s new wave of hardcore, this band gets it right while adding their own vibe in the mix. For fans of No Warning, Backtrack, Madball, and Trapped Under Ice. Cassette includes digital download.
CS, 6.50€


Flex 7" flexi Reaper

After five years, Fire & Ice is back with two brand new tracks giving you a small glimpse into the future. Since 2009, Fire & Ice has hit the ground running, bringing the energy and ferociousness of '80s crossover combined with the groove of early-'90s metal and hardcore. Growing up on the sounds of bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Faith No More, Slayer, Rage Against The Machine and Alice In Chains, and later their introductions to hardcore like the Bad Brains, Leeway and Biohazard, they honed in on what is their ideal sound. 7" includes digital download and is limited to 500 copies on colored vinyl.
7" flexi, 5.50€


Lies LP Indecision

"Lies," the debut from San Diego, CA's Rod Of Correction, showcases a tasteful collision of punk, metal, and hardcore that only veteran players could bring to the table. This vision extends to every detail of "Lies," with extreme attention paid to tone, production, artwork, and lyrics. The result is an enduring record that demands repeat spins, cranked up real high, complimented by a heavy dose of fist banging mania. Vinyl version includes digital download and is limited to 500 copies.
LP, 14.00€


Portrait Of The Goddess LP Indecision

Influenced and fueled by the '80s metal bands they grew up on, fused with the brutal onslaught of Swedish influences (In Flames, At The Gates, etc.) Bleeding Through helped pioneer a new genre from their native home of Orange County, California. At the time of its initial release in 2002, "Portrait Of The Goddess" was a departure for the band members and set in motion a new wave of imitators as well as critics. Now 16 years after it's original release, this album gets its first vinyl treatment. Available on two colors of vinyl.
LP, 17.50€


Products & Accessories 2xLP Indecision

Hailing from Vancouver, B.C., the frontrunners of Canada’s 90s post-hardcore scene, Sparkmarker had a 7 year run that saw them tour North America and Europe before calling it quits in 1997. Originally released on CD by the band on their own Final Notice label in 1994, this long out-of-print collection is finally seeing it’s first vinyl release. On colored vinyl. 
2xLP, 24.00€


CONTENTION FANZINE Anthology fanzine Shining Life

120 pages containing all three issues released in fall 1996, spring 1997, and spring 1999. Contains interviews and articles with IGNITE, LIFETIME, CRUD IS A CULT, HALF OFF, HANDS TIED, REDEMPTION 87, YOUTH OF TODAY, and VORHEES. Also includes reviews, record pressing info, columns, opinions, tons of photographs, and much more.
Done by Matt Smith.
120 pages
ANSI Letter 8.5" X 11"
fanzine, 11.00€


DIZTORT: The zine fanzine Shining Life

Document of the 2017/2018 winter tour including Interviews with every member of the band and a tour story by roadie Morgan Layout and Design by Shining Life
Photography by Katherine Pilar, Dan Felix, Todd Pollock, Angela Owens, Farrah Skeiky, and Jacob McClain
Artwork by Augie
16 pages
ANSI Letter 8.5" x 11"
fanzine, 5.00€