This Is When The Party Starts LP Indecision

Crushed on You was a short-lived California band that featured members from Indecision alumni that played in Unbroken, Kill Holiday, and Throwdown. These recordings date back to 2008 but are being released on vinyl and digitally for the first time on June 24th. Limited pressing of 200 copies on green vinyl (shades vary). These records are in poly bags and will ship with vinyl outside of the jacket.
This is the missing link between Unbroken and Kill Holiday. Essential melodic hardcore.
LP, 25.00€


Eternal Emotion Repurposed LP Scheme

Originally co-released via Plead Your Case and Exact Change in 2018, this is a revamped and repurposed version of ‘Eternal Emotion’, the debut LP from Carolina Straight Edges very own SEARCH FOR PURPOSE This release features new artwork, re-recorded instruments and a new mix and master.
For fans of TURNING POINT, OUTSPOKEN early LIFETIME and the New Age Records back catalog.
LP, 22.00€


Hardcore Fanzine Anthology Book Shining Life Press

Positive Influence was a hardcore fanzine done by Anji Lum and Buster Cates from San Pedro, CA that existed from 1988-1989. This anthology collects all six issues along with a new 21 page introduction featuring never before seen photo's, flyers, stories, ephemera, etc. You know the deal - every page of the original zines and then some. 
144 pages.
Book, 22.00€


There's No Turning Back LP Indecision

Hardcore? Metal? The line for such distinctions has long since been blurred so what you get is a new mix of music that borrows equally from both. Metallic hardcore that sounds like it could have just as well been molten in Sweden rather than the bands home terrain of Orange County, CA. Features former member of Bleeding Through.
Limited to 100 copies.
LP, 25.00€



The final recording of one of Buffalo, NY's most cherished, early-'90s hardcore bands. Fronted by Scott Vogel (TERROR), SLUGFEST recorded the music to these songs in the mid-'90s, and the vocals and mixing didn't happen until mid-2020. These are the last two songs in the SLUGFEST legacy (studio-wise) and are, quite frankly, their best.
I have copies on blue vinyl- the only version that 
comes with a numbered Slug Fest zine.
7", 12.00€


Constructing A War Against You LP Indecision

Featuring members of Sunami and Dare, 'Constructing A War Against You' is the debut full length release from San Jose's Field of Flames. A fantastically crafted 90's-tinged hardcore record that honors it's influences while creating something completely new and all it's own. This first pressing on vinyl is limited to only 200 copies and travels the spectrum from blueish to greenish. Vinyl version includes the four tracks from the Remnants of A Collapsed Existence tape.
LP, 26.00€


Traditions LP Indecision

This release is comprised of all the missing pieces in the Adamantium puzzle. This has all the recordings outside of their full lengths made with the original line up. It includes several compilation tracks, their debut 7", and 3 tracks that were never before released.
Limited to 200 copies.
LP, 25.00€


Heavy Pendulum 2xLP Relapse

The legendary CAVE IN return with their Relapse Records debut Heavy Pendulum, their first full studio album in over a decade.
The band (Stephen Brodsky - guitar/vocals, Adam McGrath - guitar/vocals, John-Robert Conners - drums) sees a revival with the addition of Nate Newton (Converge, Doomriders, Old Man Gloom) on bass and vocals. Produced by Kurt Ballou at God City, Heavy Pendulum showcases everything that has established CAVE IN as one of the best contemporary rock, hardcore and metal bands since their monumental 1998 debut Until Your Heart Stops. From driving tracks like the crushing opener "New Reality" to the metallic edge of "Blood Spiller," with Heavy Pendulum CAVE IN looks back at their discography and captures their most memorable, haunting and forward-thinking moments to create an album that is at once familiar and, in true CAVE IN fashion, ahead of the mainstream. On colored vinyl
2xLP, 36.00€


All In A Dream LP Revelation

PRAISE is made up of members Andy Norton, Anthony Dye, Austin Stemper, Chris Bavaria, and Daniel Fang, who have made themselves familiar by their playing in bands like TURNSTILE, HAVE HEART, MINDSET, ANGEL DU$T, and many others. Following an LP and a 12" EP that explored their deep passion for classic melodic hardcore, All In A Dream is the band's most skillful and creative release yet, reaching back to the era of Revolution Summer bands while always looking forward. Recorded throughout the pandemic in Baltimore, Maryland, with Kevin Bernsten and Brian McTernan, these nine tracks find the band artfully channeling their influences while fine-tuning a sound that is totally their own.
LP, 23.00€


s/t MLP Safe Inside

For Denver’s FAIM, hardcore is the spark that lights the way to bigger things in this life -  personal catharsis, critique and political engagement. To that end, FAIM seeks to bring those ideas to the forefront of their music with lyrical content focusing on political apathy, abusers within the hardcore scene, class anxiety, and the ever-present daily injustices. Their brand of fast, aggressive hardcore is a vessel for hope and change set against the background of youthful angst. On colored vinyl.
MLP, 21.50€


With Blood... LP Daze

Before the band put out multiple releases with indie-behemoth label Pure Noise, Sanction produced this EP in 2015 that remained off of the vinyl format until now. This is where it all began for the Long Island, NY, band whose heavy, metallic sounds brings to mind Zao, Disembodied, Vein, and Knocked Loose, with this new edition featuring bonus live tracks.
LP, 22.00€


s/t LP Extinction Burst

After releasing a demo on Extinction Burst, JADE DUST quickly jumped into the studio with Stan Wright and recorded six songs of revolution summer inspired, unpolished hardcore. This is their debut 12", mastered at Inner Ear Studios by Don Zientara. Sincere, emotional hardcore....the three words that come to mind when describing Jade Dust. When Rudi Jung pulled back the curtain and gave us a peek at the practice tapes, we acted quickly and asked if Extinction Burst could give these songs a home. What they give us is 6 songs with enough substance and humility that there is no need for posturing or cosplay. Everything is emotionally driven, made for us to dissect and apply to our own lives. Jade Dust is everything we fell in love with when we heard RAIN for the first time. The urgency, the commitment, and the need to generate feeling.
On colored vinyl.
LP, 23.00€


When Words Are Not Enough LP War Records

Los Angeles straight-edge band BERTHOLD CITY has completed work on their first official full-length When "Words Are Not Enough". With twelve foundational tracks of hard hitting, anthemic hardcore, When Words are Not Enough will solidify BERTHOLD CITY into the forefront of modern hardcore. The album was recorded and mixed at Jet To Mars Studio by Nick Jett (TERROR), mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (INTEGRITY, JESUS PIECE, GOD’S HATE), completed with cover art and design by Jeremy Dean, and features a guest appearance from Jason Mazzola (COUNT ME OUT) on “Left With Nothing” and John Eightclip (ALLEGIANCE) on “Still Holding On.” On colored vinyl.
LP, 24.00€


Beyond The Ruins Lp Indecision

Originally released in 2006 and recorded by Vic DiCara (Inside Out/108/Beyond), "Beyond The Ruins" is the only full-length album from California's Gather. For fans of Earth Crisis, Seven Generations, and Power Alone. Vinyl version includes digital download of album and eight additional tracks. On colored vinyl.
Lp, 23.50€


Total Liberation LP Indecision

This record is everything from Gather that is not on their 'Beyond The Ruins' full length. The first 5 tracks are from the original demo which was later released as the Total Liberation 7". The next two tracks are from a split 7" they did with Seven Generations and the last track is a cover of Framework that originally appeared as a CD only bonus track on the 'Beyond The Ruins' album.
Limited pressing of only 200 copies on purple vinyl.
LP, 23.50€


Demo '19 7" Dropping Bombs

Originally released on cassette at the end of 2019, the Contention demo was pressed as a one-sided 7” on clear vinyl with a black screen-printed B side.Three songs of furious metallic straight edge from Tampa. FFO: Arkangel, xRepentancex, Day of Suffering, Undying, Morning Again, etc.
7", 9.50€


Paradiese 7" Revelation

Stockholm, Sweden’s SPEEDWAY is the offshoot of TIME TO HEAL, an older band that Jens (bass), Gabriel (drums), and Anton (vocals) were once in. When that band split, Anton and Gabriel spent time living in Japan writing music for what became SPEEDWAY. Members have also spent time in bands EXISTENCE, BLOOD SERMON, and LIFEBLIND before going all in on SPEEDWAY. Their latest EP,Paradise includes three high-energy tracks entitled “Balance,” “Hands Of Time,” and title track, “Paradise.” The band channels the passionate energy that made Revelation Records what it once was back in the ’80s, but with a slightly more melodic flare akin to bands like TURNING POINT, INSIDE OUT, and UNIFORM CHOICE.
On colored vinyl.
7", 11.00€


s/t 7" Revelation

This first ever official repress of the self-titled TURNING POINT EP from 1989 is the second release as Revelation Records reissues the band’s out-of-print catalog. From New Jersey, TURNING POINT were the state’s answer to the hardcore movement of New York and Connecticut of the late-’80s, playing up and down the East Coast with CHAIN OF STRENGTH, BOLD, JUDGE, BURN, MOUTHPIECE and many more before disbanding in 1991. Jade Tree and Think Fast! Records released the band’s catalog as a discography in the early 2000s so none of the releases have been issued as stand-alone records since they were first put out. On colored vinyl.
7", 11.00€