NK 6

Keep On Keeping On LP Deranged

Hailing from Japan, NK 6 dish out nine blasts of hard hitting hardcore. The style is pretty classic Japanese thrash with a bit of melody and a crazed approach (would you expect anything less?!). Produced by Fugu of Gauze fame.
LP, 9.00€


split LP Youngblood

Together at last, these two amazing West Coast hardcore bands are going for the throat and they don’t intend to leave any survivors. Twelve tracks from What Happens Next? and eight tracks from Life’s Halt. Blistering hardcore with awesome pro-people and pro-hardcore attitudes that can be felt and heard. Can you handle that much thrash?
LP, 10.00€


split 7-Inch Hater Of God

Four completely distorted sounding crunchers from Monster X and three brutal bashers from Capitalist Casualties. Put it all together in some fancy packaging with silver foil stamping and a die-cut and you get one slick looking but completely fucked up sounding slab of brutality core. Slaughtering sickness!!!
7-Inch, 4.50€


New Fuel LP LP Deranged

The reissue of their first album. With a CD out on 625, these guys ('cause they're no longer kids) finally get the recognition they deserve. Straight Edge Hardcore played with a passion.
LP, 9.00€


16 Song 12-Inch Funeral

'Thanks to Sound Of Disaster, Discharge, Meanwhile, Svart Parad, Negative FX, Anti-Cimex, Sodom, Disclose, Gauze, F.U.'S, Disfear, Totalitär, Crude SS, and Motorhead for stolen riffs and lyrics'. This sums it up quite nicely and makes up for a cool record.
12-Inch, 8.50€


Homeward Bound LP CrapChord

This is the full length album after their appetizer on not just words records. Hard hitting hardcore, not that much youth crew anymore- a rough voice, good guitarwork (some well placed solis and melodies included) and an awesome layout make this one a winner. I've got limited blue and red vinyl while stocks last. (review by Larry Edge)
LP, 9.00€


Moral Court 7-Inch Underestimated

The debut from this Chicago based group. They play a fast paced onslaught of hardcore that is sure to be a hit among fans of the old-style hardcore and the newer bands like Kill Your Idols. 10 fast and furious (not to mention political) songs.
7-Inch, 4.50€


s/t LP Seven Lucky

This is the 1995 LP that was long anticipated from a band that was driving force in the Midwest in the early 90's. It's melodic and passionate quick-tempo punk that almost has a new wave feel to it at times! The songs here represent a smattering of melodies and harmonies between the guitars, bass and vocals that turn out to be ten times more emotional than most so-called 'emo' bands today. Colored vinyl.
LP, 10.00€