split 7" Burn Bridges

Counting The Days and Hollywood are two bands that aren't products of the ridiculous messageboard hype that seems to be the only thing kids care about these days. These bands go out and tour this country giving people everything whether it's in front of 200 or 20. Agressive, raw and pissed, this ep features two new songs from each band that can be described as melodic modern hardcore. Now is your chance to check out two bands that embody everything that we hold important in this genre... hardwork, dedication, and songs with substance. Watch out for the CTD/ RUINER european tour! 2nd hand
7", 2.50€


split 7" Keep It Core

CTT hail from Memphis, Tennessee and come at you with three tracks of hardcore punk that simply rocks. Gang style chorus parts, breakdowns, mosh parts and a passionate delivery put them on the map. You'll be hearing from them soon if they keep it up. Very promising. TWT hold their own on the split side, delivering three old school songs with just the right amount of melody and thick chorus parts...damn good. Pick this up! 2nd hand
7", 3.00€


split 7" Goodwill

Three new songs from THE DAMAGE DONE that will have your mouth watering with anticipation for their new ep, which will be out later this month. Powerful, tight and above all, passionate straight edge hardcore from california. The lyrics show a welcome departure from the usual topics and tackle some serious issues. Great. Hailing from Portugal, DAY OF THE DEAD deliver 4 new songs that can stand on their own. As impressive as their debut ep (pick it up now!), DotD show that they're a force to be reckoned with. Intelligent, powerful and DIY. An amazing split.
USED copy.
7", 2.00€


4 Track Attack 7-Inch Even Worse

Denmark's death Token attack with this 8 song shredder. like a brute force, this power trio tears it up harshly, everything in deathToken'S world is bleak, and they are willing to take you for a ride, nihilistic, anger boiled, demonic dark stuff thats powerfull as fuck, some stearing echoing vocals to make it even more creepier, and bleak. All recorded on 4 track, yet blowing away most stuff today. comparisons are cheesy, but throw old C.O.C. in with Septic death, then move em to scandinavia ca' 85 and your not even getting close to an idea. 2nd hand
7-Inch, 2.50€


s/t 7-Inch Organized Crime

Desperation, formerly known as Holy Fucking Ghost, from Cedar Falls IA, is a sonic wall of dark brooding chaotic hardcore with tragically poignant lyrics. A must for fans of HOPE CONSPIRACY, MODERN LIFE IS WAR and CONVERGE. Pink vinyl. 2nd hand
7-Inch, 3.00€


Survival Instinct 7-Inch Surprise Attack

die young is one of the most determined, hard working bands in hardcore. They've played everywhere and anywhere, from the east coast to the west coast to Canada to Mexico and Puerto Rico and everywhere in between. They're on their final tour right now and will break soon. To commemorate this, Here's the 'Survival Instinct' MCD from 2005 pressed on clear vinyl for the first time ever. The songwriting here is more intricate and crafted, and the music is more involved. 'Survival Instinct' will crush you like an eighteen wheeler cruising down the highway of hardcore at breakneck speed. Limited to 300 copies. Clear vinyl. 2nd hand
7-Inch, 3.00€


Derelict 7-Inch Dragline

On the follow-up release to 'We emerge Unscathed' brings you five songs of thrashy, pissed off hardcore in the vein of Suicide File, xfilesx, The Swarm and Unbroken. It's pulling you down and dragging you under- but has a beauty of it's own that is reflected in the layout. Self released, with silkscreened covers and limited to a mere 150 copies. 2nd hand
7-Inch, 3.00€


Rowdyism 7-Inch TDB

In an effort to breathe fresh air into a scene seemingly content with its own zombification, Draw Blood are offering more than regurgitated clichés from the notebooks of the lowest common denominator; nor are they content selling the same old stories of backstabbing friends and broken relationships. This band is unafraid to tackle larger issues that many are hesitant to take a stand on, delivering an infectiously anthemic, but pointed social commentary over rhythms that are classically hardcore. Clear yellow vinyl. 2nd hand
7-Inch, 3.00€


Recollect 7-Inch Bottled Up

Five songs of straight edge hardcore complete with catchy chorus parts and in rather introspective lyrics in the vein of Dead Hearts. These guys still scream for a change, no matter what. Good stuff from the label that brought you HAVE HEART und ONE UP. 2nd hand
7-Inch, 3.00€


Demo 7-Inch Secret Jams

Election Day is a 5-piece band comprised of current and former members of various New York bands such as Earthquake, Forfeit and Gak Attack who play intense and introspective hardcore that has been likened to Modern Life Is War, Propaghandi and Rites Of Spring. 2nd hand
7-Inch, 3.00€


s/t 7" Victory

Originally released by Axtion Packed Records in 1990, this 7" was the only vinyl output from Chicago, IL hardcore's Even Score, who were fronted by Tony Brummel of Victory Records fame. This version was reissued as part of Victory Records' "Swingin' Singles" series. Hand-numbered out of 500 copies on colored vinyl.
7", 6.50€


Where We Stand 7-Inch Think Fast!

With the demise of straight edge bands like Billingsgate, Strength In Numbers, Get It Away, Hostage Situation, and Sidewalk, there has arose a new breed of straight edge bands that run the streets of the Windy City. Ranging from punk rock to hardcore to early youth crew roots, Expired Youth's fanbase becomes more and more universal in their attempt to reach out to those who don't fit in with everyday society. Paying homage to their peers and friends, the band has been compared to anything from the early Agnostic Front lineup, to Uniform Choice, to that of early Chicago natives Life Sentence. Expired Youth define all that is needed to pave the way and show that Chicago Straight Edge is still alive and well. Singing songs about emotions, broken friendships, and the perils of everyday life, the debut EP "Where We Stand" is a call to arms to not only everyone involved in the hardcore/punk scene, but to straightedge enthusiasts worldwide.
7-Inch, 4.00€


s/t 7-Inch Fields Of Hope

Four tracks of passionate modern hardcore that packs a punch. These guys are from switzerland but they can definitely hold their own and you'd do well to check them out on their tour with THE EFFORT. Chances are that you'll find a new band to look out for. Highly recommended. Clear vinyl. 2nd hand
7-Inch, 2.50€


Thin Ice 7-Inch Glory Kid

finish him have built a local fanbase playing countless house shows and small clubs in their native Southern California, displaying a raging, pissed off style of hardcore punk that can be compared to bands like Shark Attack and Outbreak, all captured on their debut EP. Clear blue vinyl. 2nd hand
7-Inch, 3.00€


When The Lights Go Out 7-Inch Youngblood

I've been waiting for this to come out ever since I got their demo a few months back (which is supposed to get a vinyl reissue soon). Six tracks of classic midtempo straight edge hardcore with modern breaks and grooves. Positive and passionate, this is a perfect addition to the Youngblood family and yet another band to watch out for. Sweet. 1st press blue vinyl. 2nd hand
7-Inch, 6.00€


Let It Go 7-Inch Slab-O-Wax

After nearly a decade in the Texas punk scene, the Flatliners have called it quits. But not before hitting the studio one last time to bring you three brand new tracks in their distinctive style of blurring the line between hardcore and street punk. "Let It Go" is not an EP for the faint-of-heart. Blaring high-speed guitar, pounding drums, and vocals so coarse it's like a sandblaster to your ears. With a tightness other bands can only dream of, the Flatliners go out with a BANG, not a whimper. Puirple splatter vinyl/500 2nd hand
7-Inch, 4.00€


Purity 7-Inch Round Flat

Foundation were a rather original band from Rochester, NY that had an interesting sound. It was a mix of heavy yet emotional stuff. Kind of like they grew up on Underdog and Gorilla Biscuits but decided to add some real slow and drawn out parts with a very emotional feel to it
7-Inch, 2.00€


All You Have 7-Inch Sike

This Northern Virginia band have released their debut six song ep full of raw and intense hardcore. 6 songs with heavy breakdowns and attitude to spare. Covering 'traditional' hardcore topics (friends dropping out, scene kings, band experiences), the strangest thing is the weird cover that shows a cow (!) in a 'full nelson' headlock...
7-Inch, 2.00€


Our Times 7-Inch Mankind

generations began in the fall of 2005 with the hopes of blending various elements of hardcore from the past to the present. With a lineup that ranges in age from 17-30, their influences proved to be numerous, from youth-crew to contemporary hardcore to post-hardcore rock'n'roll. Not wanting to fall into one particular mold, the band set out to create their own. >From the very first practice, a progressive sound emerged that combined the fast-pace of youth-crew hardcore with the hard-hitting rhythms of rock. With the addition of Jim's intensely passionate and personal lyrics, the band knew they had something special brewing. After a few months of practices, generations played their first two shows in CT and NY in early December 2005. It is safe to say that the unsuspecting crowds were awe-struck by the band as they spent more time in the air than on the stage, showcasing a frenzied and impassioned live performance that easily recalls the memory of bands such as Chain Of Strength and Youth Of Today. With a growing group of enthusiastic fans, it is safe to say that generations is here to stay. 2nd hand
7-Inch, 3.00€


Symptoms Of Failure 7-Inch Organized Crime

Buffalo's own get back up release a blistering yet catchy debut that is sure to get you pumped. Molded by the frigid Buffalo, NY winters, get back up bring four tracks of fast, angry modern hardcore to this EP, bringing to mind bands like ANOTHER BREATH and HOW WE ARE. Very nice indeed. Colored vinyl in stock. Clear blue vinyl. 2nd hand
7-Inch, 3.00€