Demo 2005 7" OCR

Regret, from Minneapolis, was formed by former Holding On member Sean Lipinski in 2004 and quickly wrote and released its now out of print 2005 demo. Drawing influence from bands like Unbroken and The Hope Conspiracy, the band plays aggressive hardcore in a style all their own. This is the vinyl pressing of that out of print demo, now available worldwide. On colored vinyl, 2nd hand
7", 2.00€


Choke And Die 7" Run For Cover

From the rainy suburbs of British Columbia come Revenge, who rage through nine tracks of angry hardcore punk in the vein of bands like Tear It Up and Outbreak with their lyrics being about how much they don't like you.
USED item on clear yellow vinyl.

7", 4.00€


Legends Never Die 7" Positive & Focused

Stop At Nothing hail from Olympia, Washington and carry with them a very rich recent local hardcore history. With their new songs they sharpened the sound they created on their demo that originally appeared on European label Sell Our Souls Records to make hardcore reminiscent of their local brethren like Champion and Sinking Ships. Featuring members of The Answer, the six songs ont this EP are all very fast and hard hitting and are much better than the demo songs, mostly thanks to the solid production and much better sounding voice of the singer. Colored vinyl in stock. 2nd hand
7", 3.00€


Live On WERS 7" Lifeline

<span>In march 2003, Suicide File stepped into the studio at WERS in Boston to perform live on the radio, with the session being recorded and seven songs being pressed onto this colored vinyl ep courtesy of Lifeline Records. The Suicide File played an innovative style of rock and roll influenced hardcore punk, releasing what are now classic recordings for Indecision.USED item on PINK vinyl.</span>
7", 15.00€


Trapped Inside 7" Organized Crime

Starting in 2006, Iowa straight edge band Take Control plays fast hardcore about growing up in a small Midwestern town and the restlessness that comes from being young with nowhere to go. With several tours on two EPs and more lined up for this year, Take Control shows no intention of slowing down anytime soon. For fans of Have Heart, Guns Up and Modern Life Is War. 2nd hand
7", 3.00€


The Learning 7" New Eden

This Time Tomorrow are a female-fronted vegan hardcore band hailing from Seattle, and feature members of the Emerald City's all-female powerhouse To See You Broken. This ep gives you four songs of metallic hardcore with political content that would appeal to fans of Trial and Catharsis. 2nd hand
7", 3.00€


Common Man 7" Organized Crime

In the '80s and early '90s, there was a passion and intensity to hardcore that became overshadowed with the apathy of popular music. Bands like Youth Of Today, Judge, Uniform Choice and No For An Answer took extreme pride in not only their music but in what their lyrics had to say. Formed by ex-vocalist of Expired Youth and Sidewalk, Ryan Wilson, Thought Crusade picks up where those bands left off. Comes with free digital download. 2nd hand
7", 3.00€


Lovin' Life Demo 7" Moose Jaw

Connecticut's Through and Through have pressed their demo on color wax with help from their friends at Moose Jaw Records. The result is a formal pressing of six songs of Have Heart and Survivors influenced hardcore. Mosh parts, breakdowns and the occasional melody. Not bad at all. On colored vinyl, 2nd hand.
7", 2.50€


Modern Culture 7" Blacktop

The debut ep from Long Island, NY hardcore outfit Up the Fury finally sees the light of day courtesy of Blacktop records. Four songs of fast hardcore and touchy rock riffs, which comes as no since UTF features former members of This is Hell and the Backup Plan. This pretty much rocks. White vinyl.
7", 3.00€


You Are The Plague And We Are The Cure LP AnimalsXKingdoom

You Are The Plague And We Are The Cure is a compilation featuring vegan straightedge bands from all around the globe. Some of them are still active, other ones broke up in the past. For me, there is just one way to live in this world, vegan straightedge; and thats what the title stands for. Drunk people are destroying themselves and others too. Keep your body clean and focused and do not harm innocent non-human animals.
This is the preorder version, limited to 50 numbered copies.
LP, 15.00€


It's For Life LP Victory

The "It's For Life" compilation was originally released on the Consequence Record label in 1992 in a limited edition of 800 and featured that year's top hardcore bands Mouthpiece, Strife, Lifetime, Unbroken, Mean Season, Ressurection, Reveal and Flagman. After quickly going out of print, Victory Records reissued it in 1993. These copies are from that 1993 Victory pressing. Now available again on colored vinyl.
LP, 15.00€


Introspection 7" It's The Limit

Hailing from Houston, TX, Vitality! play an old-school Orange County style of hardcore that has drawn comparisons to Unity, Uniform Choice, and 7 Seconds with the melodic hooks of Dag Nasty and intensity of Turning Point. There's also a nod to Underdog, because they're using one of their famous bass lines. This ep contains 6 tracks from the 'Introspection' CDEP on sweet colored vinyl. 2nd hand
7", 3.00€


s/t 7" Blacktop

Brand new 4 song debut release from austrias biggest modern hardcore hope WITHIN WALLS. WITHIN WALLS plays modern, melodic old school styled hardcore somewhere between TRIAL, AMERICAN NIGHTMARE, VERSE or BLACKLISTED, features guest vocals by Julian (RITUAL) and backups by the whole RITUAL crew. Slick layout and limited colored vinyl!2nd hand copy on WHITE vinyl.
7", 2.00€


HAVOC 7" Monument

Wreak Havoc formed in the summer of 2008 with the intentions of writing restless anthems. Rising from the ashes of several bands from the northeastern Ohio area, Wreak Havoc has the drive to become a staple in the new generation of hardcore playing fast, intense hardcore with bitter, honest lyrical content. For fans of American Nightmare, Panic, Modern Life Is War, Frostbite, Raised Fist and Ceremony. On colored vinyl. 2nd hand
7", 3.50€