Demo 2014 CS THRD

Wilkes-Barre, PA's 3D debut demo combines NYHC groove with contemporary knowledge to create a classic yet refined sound. Featuring members of United Youth, Title Fight and Life Of Reilly. Step into the third dimension.
CS, 5.00€



Distorted guitars and bass, fast pounding drums, shouted insane vocals full of echo and reverb, twisted guitar solos that pop up in the sonic hell, filthy sound quality. This is Absolut, they come from Toronto, Canada and this is their demo released in January 31 of 2013. The demo comes in cassette, it consists of six songs and nearly thirteen minutes of noisy, chaotic and raw d-punk in the vein of Disclose, Disorder, Leprosy, D-Clone and the likes.
CS, 4.00€


XXX Demo CS War Records

With a sound that brings back memories of the '90s, metallic hardcore movement and appeals to fans of Unbroken, Strife, Magnitude, and Earth Crisis, Abstain is the new breed of San Diego, CA, straight-edge. This is Abstain's four-song demo.
CS, 8.00€


s/t CS Flatspot

Adrenaline arrives with six new anthems on their debut, bursting with intense grooves and explosive energy, and heavily influenced by the likes of iconic hardcore veterans Vision Of Disorder, Bad Brains, Crown Of Thornz, and Burn. The band's style surges with the vibrant but streetwise sound of their hometown scene, citing Trapped Under Ice, Turnstile, and Queensway, the latter of which shares three of Adrenaline's four members - vocalist Jack Compton, guitarist Alex Fuller, and drummer Phil Hanle - the lineup completed with guitarist Joseph Scott. Adrenaline was recorded and mixed by Len Carmichael at Landmine Studios, produced and mastered by the band. Cassette includes digital download.
CS, 6.50€


Let Me Fight Where I Lay... CS Anonymous Cave

For the inaugural release on the Beach Impediment cassette only imprint label ANONYMOUS CAVE, we're proud to bring you the BATTERING RAM - LET ME FIGHT WHERE I LAY... CS. This group is a real tour de force or some shit, featuring the Brothers Radigan aka Biff and Big Ev coming together to share three heavy metal / hard street rock originals that (along with the mystical powers of narcotics) might very well make the listener think they're in a seedy London alley circa 1982, sprawled out on top of a pile of rubbish, suckling sour milk directly from the teat of one of them fabled Filth Hounds of Hades; along with a ZZ Top cover to close it all out and send ya the fuck off. Each tape comes enclosed within a black and white card stock J-card adorned with art by Andy Fletcher. Limited to 200 copies.
CS, 7.00€


Demo CS Take It Back

Hailing from Santa Barbara, California, BECOME reminds of the sound of past emotive hardcore bands such as Swiz, Rites of Spring, and Sawhorse, played with the passion of modern bands in the vein of Modern Life Is War. Explosive and high energy hardcore as well done as you would expect considering the members involved. BECOME features current and ex-members of Manumission, Ochre, Lumber Lung, X-Wing, Worship, Bone Explosion, Desperate Hours, Masisin, No Man's Land, Eden in Flames, Sutrama, Embassy, Uphill Battle, Broken Needle, Blasting Concept, and Surprise Vacation.This is a limited edition of 100 professionally duplicated cassettes which come with awesome looking printed covers.
CS, 4.00€


Between Your and You're CS War Records

Formed in 2019, Bent Blue is a four-piece hardcore band from San Diego, CA. The band draws influences that span decades, finding inspiration lyrically and sonically in early hardcore like Minor Threat, Rites Of Spring, Gray Matter, and Lifetime, as well as more modern bands like Have Heart, Fury, Sunstroke, and Fiddlehead. If you like fast, socially conscious hardcore with a melodic tinge then Bent Blue is for you.
CS, 7.00€


Demo CS Quality Control

Celtic Frost meets Sheer Terror done by UKHC legends from Think Twice, Arms Race, Frame of Mind, XRepentanceX. With that caliber you know you are in for a treat. Perfect combination of metal and hardcore. Get your pleathers out.200 pro printed black cassettes with double sided stickers Risographed sleeve
CS, 6.50€


Demo '15 CS self-released

One-woman hardcore band from the distant Siberian lands. Five tracks of early Agnostic Front meets Boston SSD / DYS / Boston Stranger. It features an Outburst cover. Shout out to Dasha for doing everything on her own!
CS, 6.00€


Live On NWOBHC FM '18 & SPORTS DAY DEMO '16 CS Quality Control

Big Cheese show off their incredible live power on this session recorded by Tom Pimlott at the Crusader Industrial Estate, London 6/01/2018. 
Expect a set erupting with songs from the Aggravated Mopery 7" and Sports Day Demo filled with those late 80s NYHC hooks we have come to know and love from this Leeds based NWOBHC outfit. This is followed by a 10 minute interview, and then on the B Side you will find the Sports Day Demo for those who missed out on it the first time round. 
CS, 6.00€


Demo 014 CS Straight & Alert

Blindside USA, from Kansas City, MO, formed in the fall of 2014. After recording a demo heavily influenced by late 80's NYHC (think Breakdown or Agnostic Front) and early 2000's hardcore (Mental or Justice). Some say that Blindside USA is hardcore for the punks and punk for the jocks, but either way they're comin' from the blindside. 5 track demo tape limited to 200 copies out now on STRAIGHT AND ALERT records.
CS, 5.00€


Demo CS Bleeding Edges

A new project from the suburban hell of New Jersey; featuring a current member of Night Birds, as well as BE alumni from Bloodtype and Phibes. Mainly influenced by bands like Slapshot/ Stars and Stripes, Blunt Force blends Boston 82 hardcore with UK 82 punk/oi. The songs are melodic yet hard and mid paced. Includes a cover of a Boston classic.
CS, 5.00€


Creep // Annihilate Me CS Bleeding Edges

New York's Brain Slug returns in 2013 with their sophomore release, the CREEP//Annihilate Me three-song-single; a manic blast of ancient NYHC wisdom (Straight Ahead, Krakdown) spiked with a hefty dose of noisey punk (Discharge, et al.). Wrapping things up is their vicious take on Christian Death's "Spiritual Cramp."
Limited to 200 copies on pro duplicated red cassettes, with screened shells and a glossy cover. (3 songs)
CS, 4.50€


The Wall CS Alternatives

Bricklayer is an ugly, meaty and straight to the point hardcore band from the Olympia/Seattle area. With dirty guitars, muddy bass, frantic drums and throaty vocal grunts, these guys spit out a total ripper of a full length that followed their 7'' single and demo tape. These thumping tracks of barbaric American hardcore stay in your head and never leave. Snag and Dig.
CS, 7.00€


Demo CS Mosher's Delight

Scattered across the east coast, BURST OF RAGE is a new, young hardcore band that hails from DC, CT, NY, and MA. Paying homage to the Anthrax bands of the late 80s, they come correct with their debut 7-song demo of tunes inspired by the "X Marks The Spot" compilation 7".
CS, 6.00€


Demo 2019 CS Safe Inside

Chopping Block is a brand-new hardcore band from Seattle, WA. Paying homage to the traditions of Pacific Northwest Hardcore of the past and present, the band is continuing the region’s tradition of fast, straight ahead hardcore. Featuring former members of Seattle’s Clarity, Red Scare, Moving On, and It Follows, this group is setting out to make a name for themselves as the Seattle Hardcore’s new linchpin and Safe Inside Records’ first release from a band out of the Pacific Northwest. With an explosive force reminiscent of the early React! Records sound of the mid-2000s and that of 1980s youth crew, Chopping Block’s demo tape, to be released in early 2020. 
CS, 7.00€


Tip The Scale CS War Records

Born out of the ashes of former Scandinavian tour machine Anchor, a new straight edge hardcore vessel rises: City Keys (slang for bolt cutter). "Tip The Scale" is a taste of what's to come from this new band. Recorded miles apart with instrumental sessions taking place in Melbourne, Australia and vocals taken care of in Malmo, Sweden, "Tip The Scale" features guest appearances by Johannes Persson from Cult Of Luna and Daniel Austin of Die Young (TX). Limited edition of 100 copies.
CS, 6.00€


Demo CS Flophouse

Collusion are sick new DCHC band that, while being part of a specific scene, maintain their own grounding and stand off to the side in their own way. This music on this demo reminds me alot of No Justice's "Still Fighting" with a frustrated gruffer singing. This is some hardcore that definitely still falls on the "punk" end of the spectrum. The lyrics are chuck-full of hate, frustration and angst. Great shit. Members of Coke Bust, Public Suicide, Misled Youth, Pure Disgust, etc etc.
CS, 4.50€